16 May 2014


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On Monday our holidays in Normandy were over, we had a last glance on the beautiful view, locked the door to our apartment, paid the holiday taxes and the fee for Charlie the dog and off we went. We drove through beautiful landscapes, fields and woods, and stopped at a rest area where I was locked in the toilet (see post below). We stopped another time for a cup of coffee, but this time in a civilized highway restaurant, where at least the toilets were normal and not a hole in the floor.  We had a nice drive avoiding showers and traffic and arrived at Nicole's around 4 pm. We unloaded her luggage and Charlie was happy to discover his familiar smells.
Then I drove home. Mr. G. greeted me asking what we would eat for supper ! I was so tired that honestly I didn't care at all. I dropped my suitcase in my room and was out for the rest of the day. We finally ate what I had bought in Houlgate, duck slices with green beans and roasted potatoes.


For Mother day Mr. G. had bought me this cute flower basket, it's strange in our family, the husbands offer flowers to their wives but not to their mothers. In Mr. G's case it's normal as his mother died long time ago. My father never offered flowers to my mother, he said that she is not his mother. Conclusion, I am the mother of my husband and my DIL became the mother of my son.

3. The weather was awful it rained and it was cold, I didn't go outside at all, I sorted out my holiday pictures, which took me quite some time.


I had discovered a new photo tool online and made a birthday card for my friend and a little card for my grandson. Ilona came for a little visit and I updated her on my rainy holidays ! Never ever I will go again to a Northern country so early in the year, I also could have stayed home. But we had been so spoiled in March and April with sunshine and warm weather that it never came into my mind that in May we had to put the heating on and that it was so cold and wet everywhere, except in the South.


During the week I was away our rhododendron had started blooming and now looks very beautiful at our entrance.

In my painting class I had a lot to tell about my holidays, and one of my classmates a French from Normandy wasn't very happy about my descriptions. She still thinks it is a beautiful place, which is probably true when you don't have a comparison to other countries. Our mascot Dunja was happy to see me !

My friend Chantal had been in Dubai with her sons and had brought me this little souvenir. Now I am back to routine life and get slowly used to it.

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Linens and Royals said...

Are you going to use Dunja as your model in painting class?
You are so clever with your photo tool, the cards are brilliant.

diane b said...

Clever card for Toby. Back to routine and some summer weather soon

Sylvia K said...

Oh, wow!! That is a lot of rain and it's never fun to vacation in the rain!! I do love your doggie!! What a cutie!

Joe Todd said...

Neat post. You are one busy blogger

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

How does Mr G eat when you're not there? If he doesn't feed himself, no wonder he was hungry when you got home ;>)!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. glad you had a good time, despite the weather .. and the photos are fun to see .. cheers Hilary

Susanne said...

The rhododendron is gorgeous and it's so nice to see flowers starting bloom...finally! Cute dog. Will you paint him?

Leovi said...

Wonderful and peaceful place! Beautiful photos and collages!

Anonymous said...

Adorable mascot.

Mara said...

I have been to Normandy in March and we had the most beautiful weather. Sunshine all the time. I think it might just be the luck of the draw!