14 Apr 2014



Our peaceful routine life as a retired couple was interrupted this weekend ! We had our son and grandson Toby over ! Carpets were rolled up and toys taken out and when they arrived 3 of our 4 cats disappeared and were not seen only when we were alone.

Except our cat Arthur who loves company and children. Fortunately the weather was nice !

Mr. G. has celebrated his birthday probably not like he had imagined, because he was taken to the zoo together with a friend of our son and his two children.

The zoo was very big and we walked a lot to see all the animals, which was impossible it was far too big and after 4 hours we were all tired. Mr. G. had walked more then in a whole year. He looked rather funny carrying Toby's little Elephant backpack. We had lunch in the zoo and while the daddies were busy with cleaning the kids, Mr. G. took this photo. We went to Asia, Africa and saw a little of America. The zoo was divided into countries with their specific animals. Toby after a while was so tired that he sat on daddy's shoulders from  where he had an excellent view. 

My feet were burning and after supper we watched a little bit TV, of course a cartoon for kids. Daddy took the opportunity to go out with his friends and we babysitted Toby. Everything went well except that at 1.30 am, I was woken up by a crying Toby who had fallen from the large mattress into a little space between the wall and the mattress and lay on the tiled floor. I asked him to climb on the mattress again, but or he was asleep or he didn't want to, in short, I had to pull and push him from the floor on the mattress like a stiff corpse, goodness me, was he heavy ! Finally I managed and lay a while besides him until I was sure that he was deeply asleep. It is a double bed and he shared it with his dad as mummy was not there. Then I returned into my bed and the rest of the night I didn't hear him anymore.

On Sunday, our son wanted to take an "official" photo of his parents. For that he had brought with him a professional photograph equipment.

It was hard work to set up the background !

Toby played golf on our lawn and then took the background as goal.

Mr. G. had put on his marriage/funeral costume and a white shirt, while our sun fixed the last things for a good reflection.

Meanwhile Toby tried out the chair where his nonno should sit.

Then everything was fixed and ready and I took a picture of the impressive camera, while Mr. G. sat down and followed the instructions how to pose. He looks like a member of "The Godfather's" Don Corleone's family.

Then began the official photo shooting. I don't know how many photos were taken, but I asked my son to take some pictures with my camera and this was the result. Now I am curious to see our official photo for the eternity !

When it was over, Mr. G. hurried to get rid of his costume and took his garbage look again, I mean compared to the former elegance. Then arrived the friend again with his two children, to take photos of them with the same background, while I chatted with his wife.

They had brought a cheese cake which disappeared quickly and then we packed and loaded the car and the two went back to Amsterdam. We unrolled the carpets, put the toys away and collapsed on the sofas and the cats showed up again. We had a lot of fun, but realized that we are not getting younger ! 


Andrew said...

What a lovely family event and snapshot of your life.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great weekend. I like the backdrop for your photo shoot.

Linens and Royals said...

All lovely photos, I admit Mr G. does look a bit grim and Mafia like.
Hope there was an Australian section at the Zoo though I think elephants and giraffes might be more interesting for Toby.

MastHoliday said...

Indeed, Sounds a great weekend! beautiful set of your photos..

Anonymous said...

Nice touch the red tie that paired your outfit!

Loree said...

Quite a fun weekend. Children can be tiring but worth it.

Alexa T said...

So funny way to describe such busy day and so special weekend!! So lovely aspects... All the best for the soon coming Easter Holiday!!

Sandra Carlier said...

What a funny WE! Want to see the zoo!

Maribeth said...

Oh, so much fun! I cannot believe how grown up Toby is getting! I saw Savannah last weekend and I am amazed at how grown up she is. We watched "Frozen" together and she loves to sing the songs. Not that she knows the words, but oddly, she does know the music!
I'm doing ok. Still struggling with the Lyme Disease, and now I also have tendonitis in my right wrist. It is suspected that is may be a side effect of the Lyme Disease.
On happier news, I think tomorrow we will pick out a new car. A Hybrid car, but with 4 wheel drive for getting through heavy snow.

eastcoastlife said...

Happy birthday Mr G!

A lovely family weekend and Toby is enjoying himself making new friends.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

This great-grandmother is tired just reading your post. It sounds like lots and lots of fun though ... and I am glad you got to travel to all those countries with Toby and his dad. (I've seen zoos set up like that before -- it is fun, but exhausting to walk all those continents!)