14 Feb 2014


1. Together with Ilona we visited our friend who had a hip surgery, and therefore can't get out of the house yet. As she is a very active woman, it's hard for her to stay home and is thankful for each visit. There is always something to discuss ! This time it was about Ilona's ex-husband who lost his mind at 72, he fell in love with a woman in her 50th which of course can happen, but not only he wants to marry her but also put all his money, shares etc on her name, sell his house, buy an apartment on her name too. All this so that his daughter doesn't get a penny. The stupid innocent guy is convinced that his beloved would give his son his share ! But what would happen if she runs away once she has all his money and he will be on the street ? That's the biggest worry of the two children, of course they don't want to pay a cent for such a "father", which anyway he never had been. The worst thing is, that this woman had done this before with her first husband ! A real soap ! And nobody can convince him to think it over he becomes even more stubborn, love makes blind !

2. For the first time since nearly a year I went to my Yoga class. It was nice to see all the people again and I noticed with pleasure, that I hadn't become rusty at all. It worked quite well.

The room has a metal and glass roof and the rain made a terrible noise, as if it was hail.

3. It was time again to buy cat food for my little monsters, I don't know if it is the winter but they really have a good appetite !

Cookie the parrot was sitting on his cage and tried to eat my camera when I took pictures of him, and then as usual whistled in admiration behind me when I left. Yes, time goes by, in the past it was men who whistled, today it's a parrot.

4. My friend Chantal came for a visit, she was very excited, she will go on a holiday in Dubai ! Her son's friend works there and they can have his apartment while he is in Belgium. She also found somebody to take care of her husband who is still laying in his bed like an empty shell, he has to be fed and washed, he doesn't recognize anything anymore, doesn't speak, he just is like a living corpse after a car accident 7 years ago ! What a terrible burden, but Chantal takes it easy and she really deserves these holidays, as she can never be absent for a couple of days, she always has to find somebody for her husband.


I bought a new panel for the little table which I use as my desk. It is bigger and I have more room. As I am a real zero when it comes to craftsmen skills, Ilona came over and checked the wooden panel and what painting would be needed. By pure coincidence I had bought the right wood, and she will come and paint it for me next week. She is a real genius, she can do everything in a house, from plumbing to paper a room, painting, laying parquet etc etc. She really doesn't need a man !

Nevertheless she asked Mr. G to help her to measure her car, as she needs a car cover to protect it from the rain. The car had been repaired recently but becomes still a little wet inside through the roof. While I tried to find the right one by googeling on Internet.

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Linens and Royals said...

You have such interesting friends and even a parrot to talk to.
Hope Chantal enjoys her well deserved holiday.
I know a man in his 70's the problem is he won't run away with a 50yr old.

EG CameraGirl said...

Sounds like the 72-year old is looking for someone to take care of him as he gets older. I hope he knows what he's doing! ;)

Nancy C said...

Always love your randoms -- so interesting and funny. Thanks so much for joining in this week. xo

Snap said...

sounds like you live a very busy life and enjoy your friends. always fun to visit. happy friday!

Sarah Huizenga said...

I went to yoga for almost three years, but our instructor had to quit because of her son's health problems. I miss it and sometimes will do it at home.

Andrew said...

Last photo, Mr G says there is my damn Gattina taking my photo again. I hope she does not put me on the internet. She did, of course.

Faith said...

LOVE the parrot!! yay for getting back to Yoga and how sad for your friend regarding her husband. thankfully she can get away for a couple of days...that is important for sure! It sounds like you are a good friend to these women. God bless you!!

Terri said...

Doesn't sound like a happy ending is coming anytime soon for the 72 year old man. I love your cute little parrot!

Karen said...

Very interesting randoms today! Cookie is cute!

Loree said...

Happy Valentine's day. Hope you and Mr G celebrate it :)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Goodness such a lot of adventures... my friends and I are boring in comparison!

If a man whistles these days like that parrot does he runs the risk of being sued for harrassment! Times have changed...that parrot better be careful ;>)))))

Rose said...

I always enjoy my visit to your Random 5...I think I would be happy if a parrot whistled at me these days.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

That parrot! Made me laugh.

I hear Dubai is beautiful. How great that your friend has a break and can get away a bit.

Hope you have a great week ahead.

Catch My Words said...

I've never been a yoga fan but my husband and daughter love it.


Unknown said...

Wow! Soap opera drama, a parrot that wolf whistles at you, yoga...et al. I'm envious...I don't even have a parrot to whistle at me. The soap opera drama I can do without. I had more than enough of that before I moved. But yoga I love!

Willow said...

Your week sounds so busy! I'm glad your friend is getting to enjoy a holiday in Dubai.
Yoga? I would love to join a class :)

Susanne said...

I hope your friend enjoys every minute of her holiday in Dubai. It is so important for a full time caregiver of a loved to be able to get away and regroup and relax.

Anonymous said...

How fun for your friend to get to go to Dubai- I hope she enjoys her leisure time after bearing the sadness of her husband's accident.

It's wonderful to have such gifted friends, especially when they are so eager to help around your house! :)

I would love to join a yoga class some day... though the noise of that roof might be distracting indeed!