24 Jan 2014


1. Aqua gym makes hungry ! Therefore Dominique and I decided to go to "La Brioche" which had been a simple bakery for years until the owner's son took it over and had the excellent idea to serve breakfasts and brunchs ! It is the only place in whole Waterloo where you can get a breakfast from 8 am on ! Poor tourists who arrive earlier in our city have to wait with an empty stomach in their cars until something opens around 9 !

Not only they serve excellent coffee with croissants but also sandwiches, eggs etc. Their choice of beautiful looking cakes is wonderful ! Dominique studied the card before we both choose sandwiches with a salad.

2. I suddenly got an cleanliness attack, which doesn't happen very often, took advantage of my attack

and emptied the two shelves over my bed, cleaned the shelves and the cats and put them back. I didn't see any difference at least from far, but I swear the amount of dust was considerable !

3. My mood is rather morose this week, this January gets on my nerves, it's not winter, it's just nothing but rainy and grey days.

When I look outside I see a grey sky and took a picture of this pigeon which I thought to be an eagle, without my glasses. What a disappointment when I saw the result ! Inside it doesn't look very encouraging either, everywhere I look, there are lazy cats laying around.

When Mr. G. gets up in the morning the first thing he does after having served himself a coffee, is switching on the TV, and so generously loud that even my neighbors can listen to machine guns, exploding buildings, stupid political speeches, reports of murders, etc, everything you need early morning to start a cheerful day ! And each morning it's the same discussion, I ask him to turn down the volume, and he pretends that it isn't loud. 

4. To cheer me up, I went to the hairdresser, because each time I saw my head in the mirror my hairs looked like my mood, just hanging down in no order it badly needed a cut. As usual my hairdresser and I had a lot to chat, I talked about my grandson, she about her son, they both have the same age are both "cars" and "Spiderman" fans and busy with potty training. As all people now adults went through the same procedure, there is hope that it will be finished soon, until it may restart at an old age.

5.  Since I have such a nice view now on our street, for once there was a little crowd, men and women looking dull and grey with leaflets under their arms and I recognized them immediately, it was a group of Jehova's witnesses. Of course they rang at the door and of course I didn't open, I had no intention to change my believes whatsoever.

Last week I offered Nicole a DVD showing flames in the TV like an open fire, this week I brought her fishes !

Now her TV looks like an aquarium and the water bubbles peacefully. We had a cup of tea and were full
of compassion for poor Charlie, who had a little surgery at his paw. One of his claws had grown inside.

I suggested to put on a little sock on his paw to protect the wound from dirt. Nicole found this a good idea and will buy some baby socks for him until the wound is healed. So next time I hope that Charlie will wear a more colorful sock with maybe a Superman design.

I also finished my picture in my painting class and started another one, for the moment it looks like a red "@" on a black background,  my subconscious must be obsessed by my emails.

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Linens and Royals said...

So many things to comment on I don't know where to start.
Get well soon Charlie. I am waiting for a cleanliness attack and hope it comes soon before I choke on the dust.
My mood is morose too because there is nothing but blue sky and shimmering heat and insects taking over my life.
If I want an early breakfast I think there is only McDonalds open
or I make myself toast.
That does sound miserable. On the plus side Australia day is on Sunday and Charlotte's birthday is soon.

EastCoastLife said...

You have a pretty collection of cats. They are so precious that you have to display them in your bedroom. :)

Poor Charlie, hope he get well too.

Buttons said...

Oh poor Charlie. Good for you cleaning and keeping busy in these in my case COLD days. I should do some cleaning. B

Nancy Claeys said...

I received a dog catalog in the mail yesterday and they had little socks that go over injured paws -- so you have the right idea for Charlie!

EG CameraGirl said...

I wonder why breakfast is served so late in Waterloo. I like to get up before the sun. :)

jabblog said...

January can be very depressing, February more so on a grey day but at least the days are getting longer. On a sunny day - we do have them sometimes! - it's lovely to be out in the fresh air. I hope your mood lifts soon.

Anonymous said...

My husband always turns up the volume on the television VERY loud too? Why do men do that? So they can't hear us? LOL

Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

i agree with you - when you find yourself cleaning - go with it. i do the same with my hubby. he rarely cleans ... i prefer things in their place. i would love to sell lots of things but i wonder if we would get a good price or what we thought they were worth? ( :

Sarah Huizenga said...

My husband always cranks up the volume on the tv too. When I am home alone I turn it down several notches. So much better. I don't want to encourage hearing lose in myself.

Snap said...

You are busy! I love breakfast -- anytime of day. Poor Charlie -- good idea to use baby socks (I giggled at the superpower design). Love your cat collection.

Maggid said...

I really like your eagle-pigeon . . the picture is great.

You made me laugh describing your painting . . . everything i paint (I'm learning) looks like i have graduated to three year old ability . . (giggle)

Still, it's fun!

Jeanne said...

love the view outside of your living room window, and I totally understand about those january BLAHS. I am battling them my self today. That is a great fish tank dvd. Looks so much easier than the aquarium that i have been contemplating.

Rose said...

Hubby and I used to have the same problem with tv till he got hearing aids....it has made all the difference in the world.

Sandra Carlier said...

When i am morose I like to go to the hairdresser like you! Charlie is a such kind dog! Your idea is wonderful! And why not a colorful sock!

Anonymous said...

I love going out for breakfast. That looks like a great place to do it.

Only one more week of January! Hope you get some blue skies soon. Glad you got out for a haircut and some chatting.

That aquarium on the TV looks so vivid and pretty!

Loree said...

Poor Charlie :( I love your collections of cats. I have quite a few too. Have been in bed with fever these past 2 days. In some way, its nice to be lazy and get some rest.

Loree said...
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Loree said...
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ellen b. said...

I think we've been having that same weather as you. It's does have a way of dragging you down. Finally this morning we are having some beautiful sunshine and blue skies! A new hairdo is a good boost for your outlook. Poor doggie. Have a good weekend!

Mara said...

We have quite nice weather right now. Just a lot of wind. But other than that: sun and blue skies!

augcott said...

Wow....that is quite a collection of cats!
Must be difficult not to duplicate them!
Have a toasty weekend.
diane @ <a href="http://www.augcott.blogspot.com>aug's blog</a>

Anonymous said...

The grey weather definitely affects ones mood... hope you find some sunshine in your days. :o) Good for you for taking on cleaning during the winter days!

diane b said...

Even when you are feeling low you can still make me laugh with your posts. The description of Mr G getting up for example.

Susanne said...

Constant grey days are hard after a while, for sure. You still manage to find some fun things to share with us! Thanks for the chuckles.

Kathie said...

That kind of weather can really get a person down.

But I think that a visit to that beautiful bakery/cafe would cheer me up! what a delicious looking selection.

Maybe your dh would like a fancy set of headphones?

I hope Charlie is better soon. I like the baby sock idea. My dog keeps licking a sore spot on her leg and I can't keep a bandage on her. I just might try a baby sock!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I want to go to brunch there! And thanks for the laughs.

Seriously, Bill bought an earphone thingy and hooked it up to the TV set. He doesn't watch TV much in the daytime, but at night the same kind of shows you describe...and we like to leave our doors and windows open when it is warm. So the earphones help the neighbors (and me) to be happier. Maybe Mr G would like them...Bill said the sound is much better through them.

A Lady's Life said...

I love doo dads and you seem to have many.
I hate dust and really have no idea where it comes from.
I had a cat whose nail grew and curled into the paw It was unbelievable, so we cut it and had to pull the part in the skin out.Must have grown in about half an inch
It was not a good job to do. Poor cat but we left it alone and the cat made sure to clean it and keep it clean.From then on we watched to make sure that didn't happen any more.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

next time, you have a cleanliness attack, let me know. My house needs a makeover.

Willow said...

I'm sorry your days are so dreary and dark. I recommend wearing red socks. It might not help the weather but it will make you smile.

That pigeon does look a bit sad. Poor guy.

Anonymous said...

Winter certainly does seem to get the mood down. I'm ready for spring! Love the idea of the aquarium on the television.