27 Jan 2014


Photo hunting becomes a real hunting, the only difference is that you don't wait for animals to kill, but for the sun showing up to have some decent light, at least for half a day. Which happened this weekend.

When I saw the sunny weather in the morning, I jumped in my clothes, then in my car, and drove to Brussels, got stuck in the tunnel leading to the city center for 45 min, blessed my car which drove in electric mode, and didn't consume any petrol, found a parking space which was a real miracle and went off to the see the Skyliner !

It is a steel tower, 85 meters (279 ft) high, which gives you a full panorama of Brussels. The glass cabin with a capacity of up to 60 persons, turns very slowly around its axis. It was beautiful and I really enjoyed it. For the first time I saw the Royal Palace from above !

On Saturday evening we had our monthly theater play and as usual our supper before in the the Theater's restaurant. We had a lot of fun, especially with the play ! There was only one actress playing a housewife who had sacrificed her whole life to husband and children and then decided to follow the invitation of a freshly divorced friend to spend 2 weeks in Greece. It was hilarious and so true ! She always spoke to the wall in her kitchen, which she called "the wall" as if it was a person and while she cooked, she emptied a whole bottle of wine !

On Sunday morning we got a Skype call from Toby, of course with the help of his Dad. He was in a very good mood and showed us some of his toys and spoke like a waterfall. I probably repeat myself, but it is a great invention, even if you live far away you can follow the development of your grandchild.

Three weeks were over and I took the bus to the Midi Market in Brussels. At least it wasn't raining. I bought fruits and then waited for my cigarette supplier in the usual café. Suddenly 4 policemen came in and sat at the table besides me. Not really the ideal place to buy tax free cigarettes ! I went outside and looked for him and after a while he showed up. I told him that there are a lot of police around despite the not so nice weather, but he told me that it doesn't matter, he has no problems with them, he knows them well and they don't bother him at all. You should have seen my face, because he laughed ! I got my cigarettes and I gave him the money and we shook hands saying good bye.

I bought a nice warm shirt for Mr. G. and some Spiderman socks for Toby and then returned home.
At least I had taken some fresh air, because it rained again the whole afternoon. I checked the paws of my cats, they still have no flippers growing.


Andrew said...

I suspect the policemen get a free supply of cigarettes. It is a nice photo of you all sitting at the table, all smiling and happy.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

How brave of you writing about buying contraband! I hope your computer is not "bugged". ;>))))!

Nice weekend as usual -- you bring the party with you!

Linens and Royals said...

I am still waiting for you to be arrested when buying your cigarettes.
I think I have seen that movie and play, it was called 'Shirley Valentine' but maybe something different in Brussels.
I have yet to try Skype, it really works well with Toby.
I love views but not heights so it would be a difficult choice for me to go up that tower.

EastCoastLife said...

I would miss an adorable grandson like Toby if he lives far from me. I would like to see him and hug him often.

The play sounds interesting. I wonder what she said to the wall :P

Maribeth said...

Both Savannah and I have been sick and Mandy's computer is broken! So no Skype and no visits either. I miss her so much. She does talk on the phone and says "Hi Oma! Love you!" It makes my heart melt!

Sandra Carlier said...

Skype is really a great invention! And I saw a great theater play too! a soeur est un boulet! If they play it in Brussels, don't miss it! It was hilarious!