22 Nov 2013


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1. On Monday morning we left Amsterdam earlier as foreseen, we would have preferred to stay a little longer with Toby and then take him to his Kindergarten, but for some reason his mother thought it would be better not to interrupt the daily routine.

While Toby played peacefully, he suddenly got the famous tantrum when his father wanted to pick him up and get dressed. Apparently he would have liked to stay a little longer home with us. Finally dressed and not happy at all we drove him and his Dad to the Kindergarten. It looked really very nice, and memories came up when I took my little boy in the mornings to a very similar looking place.

Our 250 km long drive back went smooth and I was very satisfied with the petrol consumption of my new hybrid car. When you get stuck and have to drive slowly, it switches on electricity mode.

2. I had my annual check up with mammography and ultrasound scan and was happy to hear that both were OK. Then I had a scanner for my bones. The doctor first measured my height and I had to laugh because apparently I had grown 1 cm in 3 years, when I had the last check. Normally people shrink with the age, and I grow ! There must have been something wrong. The doctor congratulated me apparently I have bones like a young girl. All in all very good news.

3. Winter moves slowly in and finally the trees did their annual striptease. Unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures of the autumn colors as it was rainy all the time.

4. I went to aqua gym on wednesday instead of monday and it was a beautiful sunny morning. I called Nicole to suggest her to walk Charlie her dog in the afternoon. When I arrived at her home, it had started to rain again and there was an awfully cold wind. So we stayed inside, and I helped her with her computer, she had been without internet for more then a month and it needed a little update.

Charly waited for cookies when we had our tea.

5. We had a lot of fun this morning during our painting class. Our teacher showed what you can do with watercolors. I only watched because I knew already. They wet a paper and threw the colors on it, the results were beautiful to very comical. Then the classmate who is responsible for the coffee, put the bag with two thermos not on the table but just besides because she was talking. Coffee split all over her and her shoes, we helped her cleaning off the mess.

And as this wasn't enough the little dog who is always with us made a rather big poo under her table. It really wasn't her day.

But besides that we painted too !

For the first time this year it had snowed during the night, just a bit ! By the time  the daylight showed up and I wanted to take a picture, it was already gone.


Jo said...

I just love seeing Charlie waiting so patiently. I should get back to my drawing so that I can progress to my watercolors - I have the books, colors and sketch pads here. Meanwhile, I wish you a "keep-yourself-warm" weekend! (((Hugs))) Jo

Anonymous said...

Nice to be with kids and spend time with them.

LivingforGod said...

Glad to hear that all is well with your health! It's cool that you grew :)! Have a wonderful weekend!

Linens and Royals said...

Charly looks sad because he missed his walk and the little white dog looks very pleased and not at all sorry about the 'accident' under the table.

eastcoastlife said...

Still growing tall!? Wow, what have you been eating?

Mara said...

So busy too! It seems everybody has lots to do but me! Mind you, the busy season is arriving now, so I will be busy very soon. With work mostly.

Happy belated birthday to Toby!

Dianna said...

Glad to hear that all went well with your doctor's appointments and tests. I have osteoporosis so I understand your joy at having strong bones! Perhaps your "growth spurt" could be attributed to wearing different shoes from when you were measured before?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good trip to visit Toby (and his parents) and that your car did well on the drive and that your check-up went well. I feel for the poor lady with the spilled coffee and the dog poo all in the same day.

ellen b. said...

hello Gattina,
That's great that you got a good report from the doctor. Wow your grandson is in kindergarten already. Time flies!!

Kathie said...

Glad you had a good visit with your grand and family. That's always a highlight of my week!

Oh dear - your art class sounds a little too exciting :)

Glad your checkup went well - that's good news!

Patient puppy waiting for his cookie :)

Andrew said...

My niece had a temper tantrum when she was about three. She lay on the floor and screamed and kicked her legs. I could only laugh at her, which made her worse.

Sandra Carlier said...

We had rain here too! And the temperature were so bad!!! But Pierre actived the fire and bought what we saw together in Castorama! Les briques de charbon!

Maribeth said...

Yes, we had snow yesterday. The dackels were thrilled! Me? Not so much! Today it is -9 degrees and we have 35 mile and hour winds! COLD!

Willow said...

Excellent news on the dr check up. Having strong 'young girl' bones is great.
I hope you stay warm in the cold wind, rain and snow.