12 Aug 2013


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of August 10 . If you participate please put the little logo on the top of your post and leave your link.

This weekend was rather boring compared to the one I had last week !  I finally did the laundry, I always do it on weekends because we have a special tariff for electricity. It's far cheaper. Ilona had the good idea to go for a swim, which we did, we arrived shortly before noon when everybody leaves for lunch and almost had the whole swimming pool for ourselves ! After that we were hungry and had a Pita at our little Greek Snack. The sun was shining and we could sit outside in the garden.

The "after lunch" coffee we had at Ilona's mother who is always happy to have some company.

Then I gathered all my courage and pottered around in our front yard. Weeds like the challenge to grow through the gravel and the bark apparently I hadn't put enough salt ! When I finally finished I had worked for two hours and still can't understand people's love for working in a yard ! For me it's rather a torture !

At least I am satisfied with the result.

Sunday morning I took the bus and went to Brussels. Since August 1, retired people have to pay 36 € (48  $) for a yearly bus card. Before it was free. The State needs money and instead of taxing people who go to Brussels in their huge 4x4 monsters, which take a lot of space and are completely inadequate for our small streets, the missing money is always taken there where people have just enough to live decently.

As I didn't have this special card I had to pay the full price of a ticket ! Fortunately buying fruits and some underwear and a cardigan on the market, saved me a lot of money. There were lots of tourists on the market and it was quiet crowded.

The afternoon I spent quietly at home watched a little TV and did my blogwork.


Mara said...

I keep on top of the grass, but the weeds are another thing altogether. I really need to do something about it, but I keep putting it off. Next year perhaps!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. sorting things out after being away is always a hassle - that routine of life can be useful sometimes!

I had visitors - lovely to see friends but I wasn't really expecting long visits .. and then I get thrown for lack of time.

Today too is busy .. but that's better than being idle .. glad you had a happy weekend and managed to get some shopping in ..

Cheers .. Hilary

Maribeth said...

Forgive me for not writing more lately. I have been so busy dealing with my mother's illness and we expect her to pass any day. I hope it is soon, as she is suffering so much, even with Hospice Care.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It is OK to have a quiet weekend once in a while -- esp. after a big trip. I'm fascinated about the electricity being cheaper on a weekend. What a wonderful idea.

Friko said...

You are quite right, it is always ‘the little people’ who have to make up the numbers. The rich know how to avoid such penalties.

Btw, your ideas about English hospitals are not altogether right. There are no more than 4 or 5 beds in a modern ward and there are showers and toilets to every ward too. But I am sure it is more luxurious in Belgium. Here we don’t pay anything for the NHS and it definitely shows.

Reader Wil said...

Gardening is not my hobby anymore. Fortunately I have a gardener who comes twice a month to weed or prune if necessary. My back is sometimes very painful. I am glad that I can do everything in my house myself.
Have a nice summer day, like we have, Gattina.
Wil, ABCW Team.