9 Aug 2013


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The last day of my holidays in Eastbourne, I spent at home. I layed in the garden and enjoyed the sunshine and the seagulls sitting on the chimneys of the houses. Fortunately I did, because in the afternoon it started to rain ! My friend had to go to the hospital in Brighton for a check up. I packed my suitcase hoped that I didn't forget something as I usually do, but everything went well.


I took my train to London in this cute little train station and had a last glance on the beautiful English countryside.


When I arrived in London I spent the whole day with visiting and hopping on and off the bus. (see post below)

4. My Eurostar train was on time, but unfortunately just  before Brussels it stopped because an other train had blocked the rails and we had to wait for nearly an hour until the rails were free again. I started to chat with two Belgian ladies who had visited their daughters living in the UK.

Mr. G. picked me up at the station, everything had went well, he even had tidied the cupboards in the kitchen,  which had been in  a total mess ! I appreciated very much of course !

I was so tired that I just put down my suitcase which Pookie then used as bed during the night and went immediately to bed.

5. The routine life has me back, I went to my painting class, but we were only four and therefore didn't paint because we had too many things to tell about holidays, worries with our "children" (some of them are 50 ! but that doesn't matter) etc. After that I went shopping to fill in the empty fridge and then I was busy with sorting out my pictures and suddenly the day was gone.


Faith said...

Oh how my husband and I really do want to get to London and the countryside of England one day. My oldest daughter is on a "British" kick...she loves all things British (or French)...i believe it is the rage over here for certain college kids to watch Dr Who and other British shows. We ourselves enjoy the Downton Abbey series. Of course we also want to get to the country where YOU live too! ah....if only we were millionnaires!! HAHA....enjoy your weekend.

Susanne said...

I would love to visit England one day. Looks like a lovely vacation though London does look very busy compared to the lovely countryside. Our cat thinks the top of the suitcase makes a perfect bed too!

Jo said...

Ah welcome home! So good of Mr G to tidy the cupboards! Your area around your suitcase looks like mine when I get home from SA to Tanzania - including the cat! xxx

EastCoastLife said...

Falling in love with England? :)

diane b said...

How time passes when you are having fun.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation! How sweet of Mr. G to tidy the cupboards while you were gone!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

sounds like a lovey holiday. We were in London a few years back and had such a nice time.