5 Aug 2013


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On Saturday morning I went again to the seafront.

I never get tired to observe the seagulls' behaviour when somebody feeds them ! This man had fish and chips and a lot of uninvited guests !

In the afternoon I met  Hilary my in Eastbourne living blogfriend again. She kindly had proposed me to go with her to the Eastbourne Redoubt, which I had never visited.

She picked me up at the Queens Hotel, where I waited on the parking, as if I was a guest of this beautiful hotel ! I felt posh but not for long, as she arrived shortly after me.

Hilary had a lecture about the Victoria Cross. Of course being a good continental European, I had never heard about a Victoria Cross and first thought it was a street and wondered why one gave a lecture about a street ! Now of course I know that it is highest military decoration in the UK ! After all I am not Madame Wikipedia !

And while she was busy with her lecture I wandered around the Eastbourne Redoubt a fortress built to withstand potential invasion from Napoleon's forces in the early nineteenth century. There is also a museum inside and as I am apparently persecuted by Napoleon who is very present in my town from the Waterloo battle, I visited the museum and even found some medals of the Waterloo battle ! It was interesting to see the colorful uniforms from the 1800, and all these medals and decorations ! Some of the Generals looked like Christmas trees.

All around the Redoubt canons were placed. Fortunately the one pointing on Hilary's fitness club was dismantled, you never know !

When she came out of her lecture, we had a cup of tea and I had "The General's Cream Tea" but couldn't find any difference to the usual Cream Tea !

We sat for quiet a while in the sunshine and chatted and chatted until she drove me home !

On Sunday we went to a Vintage fair in a little village nearby. We walked around and had a lot of fun when we saw all the things we were used to when we were young and which are now called "vintage". I have to say that I rather prefer to be called a "Vintage" then an "Old woman" ! 

I found a car which would still be suitable for me today, we saw petticoats and dresses we used to wear, furniture like I had in my room and also old and rusty tools.

When I saw these typewriters I admired myself to have learned on these old machines and worked on them for some years, where the keyboard was so hard that from time to time I had a tendinitis ! What a difference with the once I use today !

Through the South Downs we drove back and stopped for a while to watch the cricket players. I don't understand a thing about the rules, but I like to watch !

For dinner we went out to Toby' Cavery which apparently is named after my little grandson !

We had a very nice meal and I could eat my other favorite English plate,  Gammon steak, which we don't have in Belgium.


Andrew said...

I had heard about gammon before we went to England, but I found it a bit disappointing. We have ham steaks which are quite different.

diane b said...

It looks like you are having great weather and a fun time.

Jo said...

Oh I agree, I'd rather be called Vintage than Old Woman! I loved this tour through a part of England I don't know at all. I didn't know you don't have gammon steaks in Belgium. We grew up with gammon steaks and Grant still loves a gammon roll for Christmas dinner. Enjoy your last day. (((Hugs))) Jo

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. great selection of photos and another favourite - gammon - well your food today I guess will be baked potato!

It's been fun meeting up and the Victoria Cross talk was fascinating ... I'm just glad you enjoyed seeing the Redoubt .. and I love the picture of the thankfully dismantled gun facing the Natural Fitness Centre where I go for my pilates!

Happy travel day and hope the rain doesn't get to London before you leave ... cheers Hilary

Julie Flanders said...

Hi Gattina! Just learned of your blog on Hilary's site and it's great to meet you. Lovely photos!

Teresa Coltrin said...

Hi, Gattina, I'm over from Hilary's blog where she mentioned you.

You both must have had the best of times on your adventure.


Sandra Carlier said...

Would want to taste those gammon steak one day! You make me curious!