2 Aug 2013


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Now it is a week that I arrived in Eastbourne at the English South East coast. After the first two days, unfortunately the weather changed and I had one awful day with rain and strong wind. But then although it wasn't very warm I had at least some sunshine in the afternoon and could enjoy the lovely seafront. I just sat there and watched the seagull mummies teaching their kids to fly. The funniest thing was that the baby was bigger then the mother !


My friend where I am staying has a severe kidney disease and has a dialysis machine installed in her home. Each morning her husband prepares the machine connects the tubes settles all the buttons, and then connects her to the machine. When I saw this for the first time I was quiet impressed, but now I am used to it and I called it her "Washing machine". She has to stay for 2 h until her blood is completely cleaned.


Of course when we went out for lunch, I had the traditional fish and chips. The fish was so fresh and good !

I bought a weekly travel card so whenever I want to go to the seafront I take the bus and in not even half an hour I am at the seafront.


The highlight of the week was the meeting with a blogfriend who lives in Eastbourne ! Hilary from Positive Letters ...inspirational stories. She picked me up at my friend's and took me to a beautiful pub where we had lunch. Of course I had my beloved backed potato and she this impressive fish ! We spent the whole afternoon there, chatting and exchanging our blog experiences and time flew by so quickly that suddenly it was already after 4 pm. We had a coffee in the Pub garden and then she drove me to the seafront where we said good bye, and promised to see each other again next year. It is always so nice meeting a blogfriend ! I picked up my lost wallet (see post below) and then returned home. 


Just for one day suddenly the weather became very hot  ! I went for the whole day to the seafront, got a chair and sat there first in the sun but after 10 min I cooked and moved under the band stand where it was shady. I even fell asleep after lunch ! Before going home I had a creamed tea on the Pier in a beautiful old Victorian tea room.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. it was lovely meeting up and your photos here are amazing ... my fish was fresh herring - and it was delicious.

It is always fun meeting other bloggers and 'seeing' where they started out and how they progress - you've been very adventurous with your blogging experience.

The pub The Count House has a little theatre indoors too - it holds music evenings and some avant garde theatre ..

It was a fun afternoon .. and I'll be seeing you tomorrow at the Redoubt for a talk on the Victoria Cross ...

The Redoubt is one of the best examples of a Napoleonic fortress, now used as an example and houses a museum .. it is much in need of refurbishment, which is in the pipeline.

Beautiful photos you've taken .. especially the colour of the sea - which yesterday was quite glorious .. and it was very hot!

Cheers and see you tomorrow - Hilary

Mara said...

That fish looks so yummy!!

Fun60 said...

The guest house I stayed in was opposite the Redoubt! Those skies are a heavenly blue. You seem to be having a wonderful time.