27 Jun 2013


Jenny Matlock
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Fashion can be very creative, especially when it comes to hats. Besides berets, bonnets and caps I have never worn a hat in my life. I wasn't interested in hats either until I saw so many hats in London and the latest fashion !

In each store or boutique I saw fashionable hats for all occasions. In Brussels I would have to go to a specialized shop and they are not easy to find. Hats are out of fashion not even on weddings or other special occasions. I never saw women wearing hats. Even our female royals seldom wear hats.

On my last visit in London I suddenly realized that I saw hats everywhere, I had never payed attention, but with my friend who loved to see stores and boutiques windows, which I don't,  I stumbled over so many hats displayed everywhere, that it started to intrigue me  and I wondered for what occasion these last fashion hats are for.

Then I got it. These once are made when you go to the movies or theatre so that the people sitting behind you get a stiff neck. It also prevents from watching the performance because there is so much to see on the hat !

For those who don't have a garden with flowers, they can show easily that flowers are also growing on hats and makes them really fashionable. I only was a little disappointed that I couldn't find a hat with vegetables.

These once are perfect to attend a party and cut the view on the buffet and drinks. The lobster like hat make other people think of a nice lobster sandwich.

And then are these once which tickle the nose of guests who start to sneeze,  so that you could think that everybody caught  a cold.

for mourning widows this hat is perfect and would create a new fashion in cemetaries.

and if ever you want to leave the party earlier, this hat helps you to take off in a minute !


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. those are lovely hats - and it's good to see the art of millinery isn't dying ..

Royal Ascot has hats, royal occasions, Celebratory Services, Weddings .. lots of occasions to wear them ..

Those are particularly good ones to look at - cheers Hilary

diane b said...

Amazing hats and you have written great captions for them. They wear outrageous hats to the horse races here.

Fun60 said...

You and your hats! Hope you are still wearing your red beret.

Linens and Royals said...

If/when I am ever introduced to The Queen I think I will choose the very top hat on the right. That hat might even make me look a bit taller though I will still be shorter even than H.R.H

Eden House News and views said...

I love hats ,but sadly they don't very often suit me.
Ladies day at ascot OS always amazing

SarahBeth said...

I don't think many women have worn hats here in the States since the 50s! You've shown some pretty awesome hats though!

A Lady's Life said...

I love hats especially on young people. Usually they were worn to protect the face from the sun.
Today I guess its just for fashion.
They don't cover much.

jennyfreckles said...

Amazing creations. Actually lots of women wore posh hats to the Garter Day I attended at Windsor. I began to wish I had worn one too. I like hats but seldom wear one except at weddings (and a woolly one when its cold).

Judie said...

I wish the Royals would wear clothes and hairstyles that actually go with their hats. This is such a fun post, Gattina.

Lissa said...

I like hats but these are just too extravagant for my taste. they're very stylish and even regal in some ways.

hope you have a great day.

fredamans said...

Some of those hats are a little outrageous... lol... imagine if all the ladies of the world wore hats like that. Too funny.

storybeader said...

very funny! I never wore hats before either - even a baseball cap. I guess they are an accessory to make you look more beautiful, but people would be looking at the hat and not the person! {:-Deb

Annesphamily said...

Gosh I love hats and enjoyed seeing all the cool photos. So colorful and fancy! When I was a child my mother took my sisters and I to House of Paris, it was a hat store and the place was filled with wonderful hats of all sizes, shapes and colors. I so wish I would have inherited one of the hats with the original box it came in from my mother. It would be so amazing to have that! :-(
I have a collection of hats and there is a hat co. in Berkely, California where I like to buy hats! The deliver via mail and their prices for the hats I can afford are great!
Thank you making memories and making me smile today.
Hugs Anne

Reader Wil said...

These hats are incredibly beautiful.I think having a pretty face helps. I should like to wear one of them but I haven't got the right face to go with even one of them.;)
Mullinery is a real art!Thanks for showing.

Cezar and Léia said...

Quite some fancy (and at times weird...) stuff here!
God bless you!

Jenny said...

These hats are super freaky... It's a good thing that I have never been into fashion!

I love your creative purposes for them... Too funny!

Fabulous post for the letter "F".

Thanks for linking.