22 Apr 2013


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After the rather busy weekend last week, this one was very calm. I did some laundry to have everything clean for my forthcoming trip to the Côte d'Azur on Tuesday. I never pack my suitcase long before but really in the last minute because otherwise I have already forgotten what I put in. But everything has to be clean of course.

And while the washing machine was turning I watched TV a bit and was disturbed by a loud snoring coming from this little cat ! She snored like an old man only she hadn't her mouth open !

Mr. G. was glued "on" the TV screen he watched Formular 1 in Bahrain !  Arthur wasn't very interested in the vroom, vroom of the racing cars, as Mr. G. wore his headset to hear the cars a little louder !  I escaped, and went to Ilona for a little chat and we tried out the new Indian tea  she had bought and it was delicious. The weather was wonderful, sunshine and blue sky but so cold that we couldn't sit outside !

On Sunday afternoon I went to "my" Indian shop to buy some skin cream for the day. The cream is totally natural and I am very happy with it, and with the price too !

From outside it doesn't look very nice and is located in the middle of an industrial zone, but once inside you feel like in Ali Baba's cave !

On my way back I admired the blooming Japanese cherry trees, which are planted along all the streets in residential areas in Waterloo. In our street they are not very big yet because it's not so long ago the municipality had planted them.

Our garden is in full bloom too, it happened nearly from one day to the other. Our neighbor who never cuts anything in his yard and has hardly space to sit in there because it's so overgrown. This gives strange results when you see the yellow flowers in a pine tree ! But a beautiful magnolia tree is growing in front of his house, which the former owner had planted. It's not yet in full bloom.

Mr. G. was again in Bahrain driving in the racing cars and not responsive, the cats took it easy and slept !
And I took the opportunity to create new spring headers !


Cezar and Léia said...

Your headers are always creative collages with beautiful pictures. The streets there are adorable, feeling of Spring, so beautiful blossom!
I'm sure you will enjoy your trip, lucky you!Take lots of pictures!

A Lady's Life said...

We watched Boston and Texas all week.Then The earthquake in China.

Then we had other marathons. People seem more determined now to run for those who suffered.
Have to keep positive.
You will end up taking one of your cats in the suitcase Gattina lol

Jo said...

I love the way you do headers and want to ask you to do me another one when you return from you trip. Are you meeting Claudie at Cote D'Azur? Yesterday at lunch, the men were talking about F1 and one asked Grant who's the favorite. So I said Vettel and he said, No Alonzo. Of course, I heard the buzzing of cars most of the afternoon while he watched and I sat here at my desk. When I heard Vettel had won, I turned around and said: "What did I say at lunch, and you shot me down?" But to this minute he didn't answer me. Men don't like to be wrong in front of their wives; you'd think they're used to it already! Hope you have a WONDERFUL trip tomorrow. (((Hugs))) Jo

Linens and Royals said...

Another holiday?? hope it's a good one. Love the cherry trees.
What is MrG eating that makes Arthur look so annoyed? must be something Arthur doesn't like.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

A fun weekend. Mr G missed it all by being glued to the TV (in my opinion), but it's all about whatever makes you happy.

Sandra Carlier said...

i was the all day in Aix cleaning the studio with Mélissa as we have to give the key very soon, now! The cream I bought at the indian shop is marvelous!!! I confirm!!! I love my skin with it!Or my skin loves it!!! I remember very well those marvelous pink trees along the roads! I find them very beautiful and it gives a plus to the town!!! A demain!

Loree said...

I hate Formula 1. The cars make me dizzy. We visited a garden centre this weekend and I tasted hibiscus tea. It was quite refreshing.

momto8 said...

I would love a quiet weekend!!!
love your photos!

Gattina said...

Annemarie Pipa : I can't comment on your blog it forces me to become member of Google + and I don't want Google + !