15 Apr 2013


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This weekend was a very busy one ! We celebrated Mr. G's birthday and on his request only with the family.

At first he wasn't very delighted to see the indoor bike I had offered him to keep him a little in shape, but then when our son showed him how it works he was quiet happy ! Now I have to carry him and put him on the bike everyday (probably !)

When grandson Toby arrived with his parents, he  started to take out all his toys I keep here for him. Now he knows our house very well and immediately felt home.

The weather was good with us and spring has moved in, so he could play football (soccer) and our cat Arthur wasn't afraid at all and watched the game.

It's rather seldom that a cat likes so much a little boy of 2 1/2 years !

In the afternoon we went to a beautiful park near Waterloo and of course Toby asked for an ice cream, which he licked off with pleasure.

For the first time this year we could sit outside on the terrace of an old farm changed into a restaurant.
He ran around with other kids and a dog and had a lot of fun, which made him ask for a hot cocoa drink.
Usually on the fields are horses, because there is also a center for autistic children who do a hippotherapy, but they weren't out yet.

In the evening we had our birthday supper of which I forgot to take a picture ! We had fresh salmon presented like cupcakes as a starter and then pasta with different fish and seafood with lots of vegetables and as desert a Tiramisu. After this long day, Toby was very tired and went to bed early.

On Sunday morning it was rather grey but not cold and we made a walk through the Waterloo Flea market.

Toby was mostly interested in little cars and not at all in the little girl !

In the afternoon the sun was shining again and he played with Nonno (grandpa) on the grass !

They also played football together again and Toby laughed out loud when the ball fell on Nonno's head ! (see the arrow)

Arthur of course had to run with Toby and they looked at each other sitting in the grass. That was so cute to see !

Nonna (grandma) too had to play with the ball, but wasn't very good, so he preferred to pick up some daisies and offered them to me. After lunch they all left to return to Amsterdam and Toby was quiet tired.

When they were gone, I rested a bit and then went to Brussels to pick up Claudie which I knew through blogging who arrived from the South of France.

I turned around and around in the station to find her because her mobile didn't work in Belgium ! But finally we found each other and could drive home ! With all this entrances in this enormous station, I didn't know anymore where I came in so we were looking for my car for at least 20 min until I found the entrance which I had used when I arrived and my car just parked across the street !

Finally home, Mr. G. had prepared us a Pizza and took this picture ! After supper we chatted but then had to stop because we both were very tired !

Tomorrow our holidays together will start !


Jo said...

Happy Birthday Mr G! That bike looks like fun - hope he enjoys it. I love the fact that Toby loves cats and dogs. Yay! Lovely photos of him with Nonno and Nonna and Arthur in the garden. What fun that you meet up with Claudie again. And sweet of Mr G to have pizza ready for you and to take such a nice photo. Enjoy your day. Jo

A Lady's Life said...

Happy Birthday Mr G.
Hope you have fun on your bike.

It's nice to have one indoors esp when its cold.

Andrew said...

Great day, it seems. You look very fit in the the second last photo with Toby.

gracie1961 said...

The best time is the one spent with family!
P.S. I bet that if you grandson could live with you every day, Mr G wouldn't need a cyclette!!

Maribeth said...

It looks like a lovely visit. Toby grows so tall and is so handsome! What a nice boy he is to play so well, and to love Arthur.
The last few posts have been about the wedding and also on my Facebook page are a lot of pictures.
The wedding was wonderful and we all had a great time

Mara said...

Oh my, the only thing I did this weekend was work. Yours sounds very very busy. Happy birthday to Mr G by the way: Buon compleanno!!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Happy belated BD to Mr G...what a great way to celebrate. Toby is so cute playing with both of you. Glad you have some decent weather for your holidays with your friend.

Loree said...

Enjoy your visit with Claudie and happy birthday to Mr G.

Linens and Royals said...

Toby is so cute, what a fun weekend you had. Arthur helped as usual to entertain your family.
Happy Birthday Mr G. I hope you enjoy your bike. I had one once but it went rusty from lack of use.
Hope you have a great holiday with Claudie.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Looks like everyone had a good time, mostly Toby.
Happy Birthday Mr G...my youngest son was also born in April and he will be 22 on the 25th.

Coffee is on.

Mar said...

Happy belated bday to Mr G and lots of fun with his new toy :)
Can't believe how big Toby is now, such a cute little guy.

Have fun with Claudie! wishing you a great week ahead.