18 Feb 2013


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On Saturday I had my little morning chat with Toby on Skype

He had been at the hairdresser with his Dad. In the corner right you can see the both of us talking to Toby.

In the afternoon I went with Ilona to the Boccia clubhouse of Waterloo city. It looks a bit like a Swiss chalet, all in wood inside and is very well equipped.

There are several pistes where groups can play together. On a Saturday afternoon there were quiet a lot of

There is a nice little bar where you can get drinks, the trophy cups where all lined up above the entrance. Whole families where there, with kids and dogs and it was a very nice and warm ambiance. We had a coffee there and watched a friend of Ilona playing.

Sunday morning it was so misty, that I could hardly see the house of my neighbor. My heart sank ! But around noon the sun came out and I thought I could go to the Waterloo Lion to take some pictures.

I had completely forgotten that the whole site will be renovated and the works had started last year in June. It is a battle field, but now it really looks like a modern battle field ! They have digged a huge hole just besides the Lion hill.  It's enormous. I wondered what they will do with such a big hole ? There was space for a two floor parking space. I thought I would inform myself once at home. I took pictures of the battle fields and walked around together with many tourists despite the cold weather. The old restaurants, dating still from the battle in 1815 where full ! I drove a little further to the farm where Wellington had gathered his troups and saw a lot of people walking there too.

When I came home I knew about what I would write for "Our World" on Tuesday. The rest of the afternoon I spent with collecting information about the renovation. It should be finished by 2015 when Waterloo celebrates the 200 anniversary of the battle.


Maribeth said...

Your hair looks so pretty! Mine is up too!

Marie said...

Very interesting post...learning a little about your world. Glad you stopped by and commented on my blog!

Loree said...

There are modern battlefields everywhere. Hopefully the Lion will look better when it is all done.