19 Oct 2012


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1. The only day where the sun was shining, although it was cool, was on Monday !

So after acqua gym I finally had the opportunity to plant the little deco cabbages. I like them natural, but lots of people dye them and they really almost look like a big rose. Of course Arthur had to check !

2. Although I don't like autumn, I like to decorate ! Therefore I decided to dig out the autumn stuff and changed my season basket from spring/summer to autumn.

and here is the result. When you enter our house the first thing (besides me or Mr. G.) you will see is this basket, unless it's cat Arthur, who is always very curious to see who rang the bell !

3. I had to do some shopping because my son and family will come over from Amsterdam and spend the weekend with us.


This  "Picard" store is specialized in catering/deepfreezed plates and opened a shop in Waterloo. It belongs to a French store chain  and from the first day of it's opening this shop is always full ! I knew Picard from my stay with Claudie in Southern France, because she also buys things there, apparently it's the best store for deepfreezed good and healthy items also regarding quality/price.

mashed potatoes with truffels or Tagliatelle with truffels and mushrooms

Zucchini gratin

They have a big choice of delicious plates from all countries or deepfreezed vegetables, meat, fish, seafood etc, if you want to cook yourself and you can even get their cookbook ! 

fresh fruits, rasperries

There is also a big choice of delicious cakes !

It's a paradise for people who live alone and don't cook anymore or for elderly couples, or when you have unexpected guests, it's very interesting for me, because it is nearly just around the  corner. This time my guests are not unexpected, but I catched a cold and don't feel well enough to cook.

4. I spend the day at home caughing like an old locomotive,

I drank a lot of tea and took some cough syrup which was quiet strong and made me sleepy.

I just could do like Maxine worked a little on my computer and was at  9 pm my bed. I slept like a marmot almost for 10 h.

5. I started to feel better and tried some household scores ....

and then I thought I'll do like her it is the best way to tidy up before guests arrive, at least they can leave me a message. On the other hand it's also more logical  to clean after a visit then before, to avoid double work. The only place which really has to be super clean is the toilet (restroom, bathroom ...) because there people have time to look into the corners !


Mar said...

That store sounds very convenient. I don't think we have it around here, will check.
LOL at your last sentence, and so true! enjoy your weekend with the family and get well soon. It has been uncredibly mild here, still using summer duvet and no heating.

Linens and Royals said...

In my next life I want to live near a Picard store, I'm sure they'll never open one down here.
I love Maxine's hints. Hope your cough is better for your family weekend.

Cezar and Léia said...

LOL I love your cartoons!
and you prepared a beautiful basket, I'm enchanted by your ideas, the basket is wonderful!

Jo said...

I always love your seasonal baskets at your front door. One day I might see this in real life! I can just SEE Arthur checking on the cabbage/ roses and imagine him trotting up to the door when the bell rings. Wow, I could eat any of those frozen dinners (being vegetarian) and of course, the desserts would not touch sides. I hope you feel better soon and are well when your visitors arrive. (((Hugs))) Jo PS I just love the Maxine hints, LOL!

Susanne said...

Thanks for the laughs by Maxine! I especially liked her thoughts on dust. LOL. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Love the colors in your fall basket!

Having your son and family is very exciting. Enjoy your visit with them!

A Lady's Life said...

I love your basket and fall.
They are both so full of color.
Entertaining to day is so much easier with all the ready prepared food which is very very good.

Faith said...

LOL yay for Maxine..she's a riot and I love how you used her in your FFF's! I had a bad head cold too all last week and finally am not coughing as much! Hope you are feeling better soon and have an enjoyable weekend eating all those yummy foods with your son!

Barbara H. said...

That store sounds great. I like to keep a couple of quick meals supplies on hand. Wish I had some on hand now -- I really don't feel like cooking tonight!

I'm glad you're starting to feel better.

Maxine is a riot.

Your fall basket looks great.

Loree said...

Hope you'll feel better soon. I hate dusting and cleaning :( It's a waste of time because everything around here gets dusty again so quickly - because of the lack of rain. We're having nothing but warm sunny days. I need a change!

Loree said...

Hope you'll feel better soon. I hate dusting and cleaning :( It's a waste of time because everything around here gets dusty again so quickly - because of the lack of rain. We're having nothing but warm sunny days. I need a change!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Glad to hear your cough is better. Your son is coming...that means Toby is coming! Hope you have a great time.

Willow said...

I can appreciate your view on dusting :) The key is to get rid of all knick-knacks and have every horizontal surface cleared off so when you dust it takes only 5 minutes--or so I have heard. It's not like that at my house.
Enjoy your family this weekend!

nikkipolani said...

I like how you've taken advantage of your dislike for autumn to an opportunity to decorate!