15 Oct 2012


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of October 13. If you participate please put the little logo on the top of your post and leave your link.

On Saturday we had  a lousy weather, it poured and it was cold, the wind was blowing, in short everything together to make a nice day !

To have my little morning chat with Toby I didn't have to go outside. He was eating a cheese sandwich and watched the little things I showed him.

Then I had to go with Kim to the groomer, because again she was full of knots and her fur just looked awful. It's always a drama to catch her and carry her to her "hairdresser" but once she sits on the table she is the best cat ever, according to the young lady !

If I could spin and knit I could open a shop with cat wool pullovers, scarfs and bonnets ! She probably has been a sheep in her former life !

In the evening we were invited at my neighbor just across the street, her granddaughter celebrated her 20th birthday ! Big event !

We had a very good Spaghetti prepared by the Birthday child's godmother and a Tiramisu as dessert. After the coffee we played bowling ! It was a lot of fun and ... I won ! I really don't know how I did, because precisely I did nothing, I just "throw" the ball !

Sunday morning the sun was shining but it was very cold ! Only 4°C ! But I needed to go to the big midi market in Brussels, because I wanted to buy a special table cloth for Dominique's birthday and I also hoped to find my cigarette supplier ! While I sat on the terrace of the café enjoying the sunshine with a cup of coffee, I met an English couple with whom I started to chat. They were retired and had chosen to live in Belgium and just had bought a house near Waterloo. The time went by so quickly and finally I had to return without cigarettes but I bought some winter plants and then catched the bus back.

I was sitting in front of a Spanish couple with two little girls who chatted loud all together at the same time in Spanish, behind me was an elderly Italian couple who had a fight because he had bought something she didn't like, and besides me were 3 English speaking teenage boys who also were quiet noisy. I thought I was sitting in a hen house with all the cackling around me. Yes, Brussels is indeed the capital of Europe !

The afternoon I spent with Ilona in front of a nice fire, meanwhile the clouds had moved in and were announcing rain. When I came home our "adopted" son was discussing with Mr. G. and had waited for me to discuss the "burn out" disease, and was also happy to inform me that he finally had found a nice young woman to date, and the way he talked about her, I thought he lost his heart (again) only he doesn't know yet. But as it happens so often lately, I wonder how long this will last. Life indeed is not boring !


diane b said...

You always have an interesting weekend even when the weather is poor. Toby is growing into a big boy.

Maribeth said...

As you will see, my weekend was so full! I hardly had time to breathe! Now I find out that Jack's friends may not come after all. Why do I work so hard!

Jo said...

Wow, you made short work of the weather by having a wonderful weekend. Toby is a handsome young lad already and very clever to chat to you on Skype. I love Kim's grooming appointment. Never seen it before. Hope you're having a great week. Jo

Reader Wil said...

My weekend was not very eventful. Usually I go to church, but I felt ill and very tired. So I stayed home and did some computerwork . Thanks for sharing your always lively and interesting post. Thanks for your visit and comment. You are a very international family. And you speak many languages!