28 Jul 2012


Today I started my holidays in Eastbourne in the South East of England. I arrived yesterday evening around 9 after this nice excursion to Stonehenge, but I will write about that later on my travel blog.

Unfortunately my mobile didn't work in the UK, I really didn't know why, checked all the settings and finally gave up. In the train I asked a lady if she could borrow me her mobile, just for one phone call to my friend to tell her at what time I was arriving ! There I really realized that a mobile is a necessity !

Fortunately her husband could fix it, it was the SIM card which had probably moved and there was no contact anymore.

After this long day I fell in my bed and woke up with the screams of the seagulls ! that gave me a real holiday feeling ! If I could purr I would have done it.

Late morning we drove to Hailsham to a little flea market, walked around and had a cup of tea there.Then we drove further through the beautiful English countryside to Beckshill

First time in my life I saw blue shell eggs !

Both are very cute little towns with these romantic little doll houses !

On the top of a building in Beckshill was the bus which was used in the movie "The Italian Job" with Michael Caine, and it moves forward then when it hangs over it moves back !

and then we walked a little along the sea people were laying there enjoying the sun or even were swimming in the to me rather cold water ! Compared to our with so many people packed beaches, these once looked so spacy and you certainly were not sitting on each other laps !

When we got home we had tea and in the evening we watched the opening of the Olympic games which were absolutely unique and plenty of humor. It was the first time I watched an Olympic game opening almost til the end, I stopped at letter G, when I saw my in pink and blue dressed German compatriots ! I especially loved the arrival of the Queen with Mr. James Bond and Mr. Bean being part of the orchestra ! The health part with doctors and nurses was also great all in all an excellent performance !


LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Good morning, so glad you enjoyed the opening ceremony. Bexhill looked so quiet, maybe because of the weather!

EastCoastLife said...

I want to see the Stonehenge! I thought you went to watch the Olympics in London. :) Would love to see the actions there.

jabblog said...

Legbar eggs are beautiful - well worth the money.

You're in a lovely part of the country and it always looks better when the sun shines:-)

claudie said...

Welcome in Eastebourne! Sounds you enjoy your time there! The beach is beautiful! Those Olympics are very exciting! Mr Bean looks so excited too in the middle of all those sport people!

peppylady (Dora) said...

I'm one who don't have a mobile phone but I do play with the ideal of getting one. Both of my son has them. They got a smart phone which I think our a neat thing.
I've never heard of Eastbourne but more and more I visit other people blog I sure get a view of the world not even leaving my chair..lol
I haven't yet been to an offical flea market but every so often I stop in at a thrift store and one does fine the coolest thing there.
Hope your trip goes well...Coffee is on.

Maribeth said...

Yes, the best part of the opening for me was Mr. Bean! I laughed so hard!

diane b said...

That was a big first day. No wonder you fell into bed tired out. The houses in the villages look cute. Walking along deserted beaches is what I love to do. Sorry I haven't been keeping up, I'm hooked on watching the games.

Jo said...

I've finally scrolled down to your Day 1 post and will read until today (Monday's) Looks really clean in Hailsham and Bexhill and the doll houses are really cute. You certainly packed a lot into the first day.

Jo said...

Oh, and blue shelled eggs. You are amazing how you spot these unusual things! Thanks for sharing!