25 Jul 2012


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Marleen said...

Nice capture, Gattina.

diane b said...

Cover up westerners.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Interesting shot. Nice job.

A Lady's Life said...

Entrance into a mosque wearing Sheets and table cloths and polka dot bikinis.
In Singapore I walked into some street wearing a sleeveless blouse.
A man came out of his store and was quite upset about something pointing at me. I never understood why until later I was thinking that maybe it was because I wore no sleeves. Thankfully I was not in a country where they would have arrested me and put me in a dungeon and God knows what else for this. I walked like this in Malaysia as well and never knew I was doing something bad.
It's just not in our vocabulary as tourists to be bothered by such things in 90 degree weather.
I always thought people dressed like this because of the sand and constant heat, not because of unbending religion. We have nuns who still wear the garb. The rest of us, are not nuns. We are married women with children lol

catsynth said...

Interesting capture. It's good to be respectful when entering someone else's sacred space, even if one ends up looking a bit funny.

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

Very interesting glimpse into another culture. Gingham seems to go with everything.

Loree said...

Oh, I was wondering why everyone seems to be wearing table cloths. LOL

EastCoastLife said...

Even some temples in modern Singapore require visitors (locals not spared) to cover their bare arms and knees when entering their religious buildings.

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - Sure I do. God doesn't care what I wear when I go to church.lol Churches have come a long way today.
They are just happy I am there.lol
I visited many places in Asia and all they told us to do was take our shoes off.
They never forced us to put anything on.It's not our religion and they understood we knew nothing about it and were just going in out of curiosity for a few minutes.
In fact I don't think women are allowed in Mosques where men pray on small carpets but we went in quietly, respectfully.
I learned many things back home,about Islam, we never experienced living out there.We went every where, saw everything and no one said anything.
Even if they did we wouldn't have understood them and just smiled foolishly being friendly lol
North Americans are innocent people. I had my eyes opened and was even psychologically disturbed seeing how women and girl children were abused in some of these countries.We are not used to this and find it totally unacceptable.
We look and dont say anything out of respect.
To see them come to our country trying to pass things like sharia law however,and circumcise girls so they don't enjoy sex etc.. is totally unacceptable.
We were born free women and we want all womens' girls to be born free too.People may like or dislike what some women say and how they behave but they will not cut hands off or hang them or stone them or have them disappear and be raped because of rules.We had one woman ride her bicycle topless, in Vancouver, to say she has rights, like a man does to do this.It was just to prove a point and no one said anything. Can you imagine her doing this out there?This is why we are having all these International problems. We buy their oil and they use the money to abuse women and girl children.
I remember when my friends were transferred to Arab countries, they would rush back to Singapore for a breath of fresh air. They said living out there, was like living in jail.Some refused to go back.

Kat said...

Actually it's just to show respect to cover your legs and arms when entering any place of worship. Would you go into a church wearing sleeveless t shirts and shorts? I doubt it though I'm not sure about some places. In Malaysia people are more tolerant and lots of Malaysians do wear shorts and t-shirts on the streets. I guess it depends on which part of Malaysia you are in - maybe you might be stared at if you are in rural parts.

Gattina said...

I think there must be a misunderstanding what I mean with this picture was : Are you going to church in shorts and sleeveless T-shirts, or worse ? Probably not, so why these disrespectiful tourists knowing that they will visit a mosque which is a church too want to go in there half naked ? The scarfs and skirts they got at the entrance just to cover them a bit ! It was even nice to let them in, I wouldn't have let them in !! We all knew that we would visit a mosque !