27 Jul 2012


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1. The whole country is in heaven after 3 weeks of rain and cold weather the sun shines and we have summer temperatures. So on Monday together with my friend Nicole we decided to play "Holidays".

First we went to the Waterloo swimming pool which had its roof removed, the water was warm and as there is also a little park to rest, people were sitting on the grass. It's very well organized, there is even a line for grandmas like us who don't like water in their faces and swim with a stretched out neck like swans (an insult for the swans, sorry)

After that we were hungry and ate this delicious plate, was just appropriate for the warm weather. We could sit outside they have a nice garden with a pond.

2. Between booking my trip to first Stonehenge and then Eastbourne, printing and looking up train schedules, I also had some personal paper work to do, as Mr. G. uses me as secretary, since he has no one anymore ! Rather stressed I decided to go back to the swimming pool and after one hour of swimming I felt much better.

3. It was the same on Wednesday so before I started to pull out all clothes I need for my trip to the English coast, I returned swimming to feel relaxed and not to forget anything. The trouble is I have to take warm things along besides summer clothes ! You never know how the weather will be in the next days !


I arrived early morning in London, it only takes 2 h from Brussels to get there
From now on I will do a diary of my holidays !

What a welcome ! Music and banners to greet and pick up the athletes which  had been in the same train as me, I hadn't seen them as I almost missed the Eurostar, I had forgotten that I should have been at the check in half an hour before ! You and your luggage are scanned just like in an airport, because we go under the sea through the tunnel.

I ran behind a man who pulled my suitcase and just could jump in the last wagon !
What a start !

But I arrived, could take my coach to Stonehenge and will start my holiday diary tomorrow !


Jo said...

I have been busy and not visited much this week so missed out that you're off on your UK holiday. I hope you're having a wonderful time. I love the "Holiday game" you played with Nicole. My friend in Dar es Salaam is on Facebook and begging me to fly out to her while her husband is here on site (next week) doing business with Grant. Could be a good trip! Have a warm and wonderful day. Hugs Jo

A Lady's Life said...

You are such a busy girl!!
This will be a very nice trip for you
to see Stone henge.
How does it feel to go through the sea tunnel? It must be a long ride.

Linens and Royals said...

What Can I say?!! Except wish I was there and will be watching for your trip diary.

claudie said...

Welcome in London! Perhaps we'll have the chance to see you on TV!!! As the show begins tonight! I hope the weather will be ok those days in London!

diane b said...

You picked a good time to arrive in London. Its a wonder you didn't get whisked off to the Olympic village by mistake. Enjoy your holiday.

Sherrie said...

Have an awesome holiday! Love the pool area, looks like fun. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Maribeth said...

Oh, what a fun time to be visiting England! Wish I was there too!

Faith said...

WOW! you are visiting London while the Olympics are going on? How fun...we'll be watching the opening ceremony tonite while we are at our beach house on Cape Cod. Loved all your faves..thatpool looks amazing!! Enjoy your vacation to England

Willow said...

In England during the Olymipics? That would be so much fun! I've been to Stonehenge--it's beautiful in that area.
That new swimming pool looks like a great place!

Susanne said...

Your a brave girl to go when the Olympic crowds will be in England but I'm sure you'll see lots of fun and exciting things. Make sure to share them with us!

I love outdoor pools. We only have one here and it's really busy on hot days!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Happy summer Gattina!

Annette {This Simple Home} said...

What a summer for you!! Have fun!

(Just finally visiting from FFF!)