12 Mar 2012


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of March 10, 2012.

Compared to last weekend this was rather boring. When I came back I found our coffee made in the percolator disgusting, because I got used to the good coffee Claudie's Senseo Philips coffee machine made.

The new coffee machine

It really tasted like good Italian Espresso when you make a little cup and a good full big cup when you pushed another button.

Therefore I went coffee machine hunting and after 3 shops where they had been sold out or were far too expensive for the same machine I finally found one which was the same as Claudie's and the price was correct too. Now Mr. G. purrs like a big cat because he can make his espresso.

Since we had taken out the bushes along the house, the little window in the guest room needed a curtain, otherwise it was too light for sleeping. Dominique sewed me the curtain and helped me to hang it up, as I am a real zero in sewing it looks very nice and the room is dark enough now.

Sunday morning the weather was sunny and warm, so I took the bus and went to the Brussels market, just for a little walk. I didn't buy anything, but I love the atmosphere there. For seniors over 65 years, bus, tube and trams are free.

When I came home Mr. G. had a visit from a friend, who had some private worrries and wanted to have a talk with us. Finally he stayed until 3 pm but had arrived at 11 am. Unfortunately I think I start to get a cold, and didn't feel well, so I forgot to offer something to eat to the poor guy and Mr. G. didn't think about eating ! He is never hungry during the day but eats like a horse at supper.

We also talked via Skype to grandson Toby, he changes so much now it's not a baby anymore but becomes a toddler. It's funny to see that he recognizes us. Great invention when you live far from your family.


  1. At least I'm commenting on various posts today. I'm with you re a coffee machine. We don't have one here but I'm looking to buy one. The company will pay so perhaps I'll bring one in from SA when we go on leave. I LOVE that you're zero in sewing. Ditto for me. I cannot sew and don't care that I can't. Is it because we only had sons? My sil thinks it's terrible that I can't sew or cut men's hair, (she says I watch my hairdresser cutting my hair, so I should know) but I told her I think it's poor that she cannot blog even though she's been reading my blog for a year already and watching how I do it SO professionally. She comments via Skype only and not ON my posts, which is also irritating as she mainly criticizes me. Grrrr. I can't wait for little Joel to speak to us on Skype although our signal probably won't handle it. Do you have recent photos of Toby? Have a great day my friend. Hugs Jo

  2. Glad that you enjoy a sunny day in Brussels, your pictures are great!
    Hey...that coffee machine is cute! :)
    Hugs and a nice week

  3. Senseo does make good coffee, I agree. Sunday was a beautiful day eh? We cleaned up the patio, and I love how it now looks!

  4. I am still so tired from my trip. I have so much house work to do today, as we have company coming on Saturday. My cousin is coming to fix my laptop got me!

  5. Nice to see the new Senseo in your kitchen!!! I ask me how I could survive without it now!!! Spring is here now! I went back to school and i am already exhausted! the director told us there will be still 4 pupils who arrive at school! Thanks to our national Nicolas who closed so many classes! I could have 33 pupils in a few days!

  6. We had a cyclone this past weekend with very strong winds and a sandstorm right out of the Sahara that dumped a lot of red dust on us. Great fun! Hope you feel better soon.

  7. I am not a coffee drinker, but I can understand going out to shop for a new coffee maker....as Bud would do the same. And having Mr. Gattino happy....that is perfect.

  8. My hubby would love to have that coffee maker. I am a tea person, I cannot understand why coffee drinkers are so obsessed with coffee-making machines. :P

    I have Skype too, but have yet to start communicating with my international blogger friends.

  9. Coffee is important! It sounds like you had a great weekend.


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