4 Mar 2012


As the terrace is not yet built, I put a chair in the window and could take the first sunbath this year ! I even needed suncream. I was dressed in layers like an onion and from a thick cardigan over a sweater and a T-shirt I finally sat there wearing only a little sun bath top.

while Melissa Claudie's daughter had still her winter clothes on, she had to change later.

After lunch we went to Bandol a little town at the sea very much appreciated by tourists in summer.

But at this time of the year there weren't many. People played boccia, or cleaned their yachts and boats. Unfortunately at the seafront many old mansions had been destroyed and replaced by buildings with lot of flats for tourists. We made a long walk and then sat at the seafront and watched the people walking by.

Claudie's husband Pierre was busy with digging a trench to place a gate. Very hard work with this clay soil.

We had a wonderful supper with stuffed zucchinis, red and green pepper and tomatoes, grilled with olive oil and provincial herbs.


Jientje said...

Wow, such gorgeous blue skies, you just made me jealous! Here in Belgium it's very gray, but it does not rain, so I guess that's a plus!
Those stuffed veggies look absolutely delicious!

Lea said...

Wonderful looking supper!
Have a great vacation!
Lea's Menagerie

jabblog said...

How lovely - sun in March. Your supper looks delicious.

Kat said...

Your holiday sounds marvelous! And I love the look of the zuccinis

Cezar and Léia said...

Make sure to stuff some sun in your bag to bring it back on your way north... :)
God bless you!

sandra carlier said...

Pierre in action with very hard work! I can't wait his had job is finished! !

Mary said...

Looks like a good day!

TorAa said...

It's a beautful area with charming villages, beaches and islands. And good food and wines and pastis...
Pierre is chef de luxe and Claudie is charmentes toujours and both the best hostes. We have enjoyed 3 times with them and will come back in August.
Nice photos from the area and you licking sun (safer than Egypt).