2 Jan 2012


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Fortunately I hadn't ordered 6 Sushi menus for our New Year's Eve because 3 people had to cancel they finished the old year with a cold and had to stay home. Nevertheless one friend came and we had a very nice New Year's Eve with our Sushi menu, Champagne and chocolate mousse.

I also had bought little pill boxes in "my" Indian shop and had put Horoscopes in for 2012, which I had googled and then printed out and cut and put them in the boxes. We had a lot of fun with it, because of course it fitted perfectly on everybody ! I have to be careful with my money, Mr. G will become more beautiful, and Nicole shouldn't look for a new partner who won't bring her luck. She very much agreed with that ! Mr. G. checked his face this morning but the beauty hasn't shown up yet only a growing beard.

He had got this beautiful box with a Panetone the tradional Italian Christmas cake from his Italian food supplier on the market, who is also his friend, but we had so much to eat that there was no room for it.

At midnight our cats besides two disappeared under the beds because they were afraid of the fireworks. We went in the garden and watched a bit. I don't know what happened to me but on the last day of the year I didn't take a single photo !!

Sunday was a lazy day, I just tidied up the living room a bit, then we watched "Johnny English" With "Mr. Bean" which I had recorded on TV and got rid of all Christmas stuff on my blogs and made new headers and changed the background color. Tomorrow I will do the same in our house ! Once New Year is over I can't stand all these ornaments anymore, I start to think of spring !

We had the warmest New Years Eve since 1873 ! with nearly 11 °C (52 F) ! So probably it will snow in summer !


Kay L. Davies said...

We had a nice snowfall last night, and frost on the trees this morning. It was beautiful. I keep meaning to post photos and then I forget.
Otherwise, I did a bit of laundry, and some blogging, and we watched TV and ate candies and cookies. Very bad things! SO yummy.
Tomorrow, I hope to clear out the Christmas things and finish the laundry (not that it is ever really finished).
Luv, K

diane b said...

We are having a cooler summer than usual and you a warmer winter. It doesn't make sense but I'm not complaining. I got the house back to normal on New Year's Eve and then had guests for dinner. We played a game called "Articulate" to keep us awake until midnight. The game was loads of fun.

sandra carlier said...

What a nice Jour de l'An you had!!! Like you I put all the christmas stuff out!!! we had nice time here too with family and friends! Yesterday I had a lot of work cleaning the house! Now I go to lidl cause after the fest the fridge is empty again!

Auntie E said...

Happy New Year to you all, Loved the photos.

Maribeth said...

It has been so warm here in New Hampshire! So unlike January. We stayed home this New Years Eve. I will take down the candles in the window, but will wait until the end of the week to take down the tree.
Happy New Year!!!