3 Jan 2012

OUR WORLD - Mala India

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Each time I want to escape my little world to another place in our world I take my car and in 5 minutes I am in an Indian house and in an exotic world too !

The shop is located in an industrial area and you would never believe that behind this rather cold looking outside there is Ali Babas living room !

The first suspicions you get because it looks out of place is this beautiful wooden Elephant, at the entrance, just in front of a Garage which repair cars ! Not a very romantic place.

But as soon as you step inside you are in another world. The shop is presented like an Indian house, with soft music, a fountain at the entrance and in a corner seats and little tables where you can drink a special Indian tea.

You walk through the ailes, everything you see you can buy.

The shop is beautifully decorated and kept by volonteers, the benefit of the sales goes to an Indian village and finances Indian schools. Most of the items sold here are handmade.

a beautiful door

and the bedroom. The furniture is sold so quickly that almost every time when I go to this "house" the bedroom has changed.

A dining table with chairs

clothes, jewelry, books, CD's etc.

Little things ideal for a special gift

decorations for festivities

alleys to the different objects. They also have tea, spices, food, and a beauty shop.

fabrics, carpets and dishes are on the second floor

besides small statues there are also big once

This one was my favorite. As I often go there when the weather is grey just to lighten up my mood, this one made me always laugh. Last time it wasn't there anymore, somebody with a lot of space and money had bought it !


A Lady's Life said...

Doesn't pay to go to India lol
Everything you need or want is right under your nose
I love shops like this

Jo said...

Happy New Year Gattina! Indian hospitality and decor is of the best. We have many Indian friends and I love visiting their homes, a couple of which look a little like Mala Indian House in your post. It would lighten my mood to visit here too and sip Ginger or Masala tea at the little tables. I think the person who bought the last reclining elephant ornament used a hydraulic lift. Those things are HEAVY. Thanks for the tour through this beautiful house. Jo

diane b said...

Ali Barber's magic cave. What a lovely place to visit on a dull day. It is great that the money goes towards an Indian village.

Anonymous said...

What a magical shop! It's like being in a brand new more colorful world.

Arija said...

What a delight to find such a storehouse of treasures, certainly a step into another culture entirely.
A great post Gattina.

A vey Happy New Year to you and your family with many more such discoveries to show us.

EastCoastLife said...

How cool to find an Indian house in your city!

I love Indian food and there is a little INdia in my country where we can buy anything that comes from India. I don't have to leave the country to enjoy an Indian culture.

EastCoastLife said...

My dear blogger friend Gattina and Mr G,

Each moment in a day has its own value. Morning brings HOPE, Afternoon brings FAITH, Evening brings LOVE, Night brings REST, Hope you will have all of them everyday. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012

jabblog said...

It is indeed another world. So much to see - a real feast for the eyes.

Friko said...

Bright and cheerful, very different from the world outside our own doors.

Gattina, I've stopped following you not because I don't like your site but because I noticed that yourself don't go in for much following. I shall still visit.

Frohes Neues Jahr wuensche ich!

SandyCarlson said...

What a beautiful place and a great escape. Thanks for the tour!

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

What a cool shop to browse everything looks so luxurious! Happy New Year!