6 Jan 2012


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1. The yearly winter sales have started in Belgium. There are only two Sales per year, the summer sales starting in July for one month and the winter sales starting at Jan 2nd. Otherwise no Sales are allowed. But there are other means to reduce prices just by putting "closing down" but the shop never closes down, or "liquidation", and the store is always full of goods. After acqua gym I went "boots" hunting. I "needed" a pair of black boots, but of course when you are looking for something you find nothing.

2. After New Year I usually get fed up of my Christmas decoration and want to get back to normal life. I gathered all my courage and took off all Santas, angels, garlands and balls and put them in a big suitcase which Mr. G. carried to the basement, for the next year !

Now it looks normal again !

3. We had a very stormy weather and it also rained cats and dogs, fortunately I didn't have to go out and stayed home, except in the afternoon I just went next door to Dominique to show her our Christmas pictures and we had a cup of tea in front of her open fire. Very cosy when it's so awful outside. As our grandchildren have the same age with only 4 days difference, hers a girl mine a boy, we discussed what had changed over the years concerning the user manual for babies today, and stated although they live in different countries, the pediatricians seem to have the same ideas now ! Lots of things which were considered bad in the 70th are good now.

4. For a couple of hours the sun came out and although it still was very windy, I went "boots" hunting again. This time in another shop and there I found exactly what I was looking for,

Nice comfortable black boots, here presented by a not at all interested Rosie despite the good leather smell. This was Mr. G's Christmas gift. I had got a voucher for Christmas. The only thing I need now is, that it stops raining and I can go out for a trial walk !


We got storm alert for the night, on TV firemen were speaking and told us what we should do to avoid disasters, with the result that we had a very peaceful night. So some people panicked for nothing. It's not the first time it happens that storms and floodings are announced, but when it really happens it takes us all by surprise. I wonder if the Weatherman had too much champagne on New Year's Eve ! There is still strong wind and also some damages but nothing too serious. (sor far !)


A Lady's Life said...

I walk in flip flops all winter lol And then I think I better put on my runners to get more foot support.
We have very mild wet weather here and I am very spoiled. I don't think I can survive cold winters anymore.
It feels sad to take down the decorations My husband shut down our tree and I was sad so this evening he clicked it back on Our orthodox Christmas is on the 6th and then we still have the old New Years so I look for reasons to keep the light on.
After Our stuff finishes we have the Chinese New Year and then Deepavali. If you look for things to celebrate you can keep it going all year long lol
Glad you have such a nice friend to cuddle beside a warm fire with:)

diane b said...

Those boots are made for walking..........tra la la la .

We could do with some rain, send it over.

Jo said...

Those boots are definitely made for walking! Hope you're getting a chance to try them out. Have a great weekend. Jo

Susanne said...

We could use some of that rain around here, it is tinder dry and we've had horrible, dangerous grass fires.

Love the boots. Very cute.

I'm with you. I was ready for the house to look "normal" again.

For your comment on my five, Balderdash is a fun game where you get words and you have to make up definitions for them with one definition being the right one. Then everyone guesses which is the right one. It can get quite hilarious.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

My house always looks a little naked after I take the Christmas things down.

Marg said...

I have not decluttered my tree at this point. I love the quiet times in the New Year relaxing with family and friends.
Happiness in the New Year!

Cezar and Léia said...

Well, there are many different topics in the post, even the add near the link to post a comment. Something about "travel girls"...
God bless you!

Brenda said...

I love the red wall in your living room, its fun that you posted a picture of it without Christmas, looks cozy.

I really like your boots, I need another pair as well, they are so nice to wear in the cold weather!

Barbara H. said...

Your boots look nice! I don't think I have ever owned any.

We took our Christmas stuff down, too. It was time, but I was a bit sad to see it go.

I can't imagine having only two sales a year!

Faith said...

the comics are great and yay for winter sales!! We still have NO SNOW here in my eastern part of New York State and it's MOST unusual!! today was 51 degrees (F)!! it feels like late March not early January..altho earlier inthe week we had very frosty temperatures down to 6 degrees...weird winter for sure!! Your living room area in your pic looks very lovely.

Maribeth said...

I still have my tree up! I keep trying to get it down, but then I get too busy. Maybe on Sunday!

ellen b. said...

Storms are always big news around here. It really is funny that we can be thrown into a panic about what might happen. It is fun to get things back to normal. I like those boots! Have a great weekend.

sandra carlier said...

You living room looks so comfy!!! i can remember when we were all sitting in front of the tv watching police series!!! The boots are nice!!! You did a great shopping! The weather was very bad in the french Alps! But here in south it's sunny and I am very happy about that cause the builder should work next week and finish the building out!!!! La façade! Hoping he won't change his plans!!!

Willow said...

It's fun to have a friend right next door so you can enjoy tea and company even on a blustery day. Hurray for finding cute boots :)

Jientje said...

Happy New Year to you too Gattina, I hope 2012 brings you lots of joy and happiness! It's back to normal routine again, is it? I like that best. How wonderful to find just the right pair of boots you're looking for, but at a bargain price!