19 Dec 2011


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My cold finally had enough from me and left me for another person.

I took the opportunity and went with to friends to the movies and we saw a wonderful, very touching movie "Les Intouchables". It is a sweet and sour comedy about the meeting of two opposite people who were very unlikely to meet. The first one is a paraplegic white middle aged very rich and lonely man, the other one is a young black, poor, unemployed, coming from poor suburbs and a very large family.

What makes the quality of the film, beside the humour present is the emotion you can feel, through increasingly attaching characters. The story is based upon a true story, and real characters. If you want to watch and enjoyable comedy, with very touching moments, this is a must go.There are interesting insights about arts as well (paintings, classical music, and funk music). It's really not a stupid comedy (you can see here Pictures and trailer and an article in the New York Times More than 9 million people have already seen this movie and it just came out in November. It was the best film I have seen since a long time. Chantal who is handicapped herself was very impressed and loved this film, we laughed througout the whole movie ! I think for the moment this film is only available in French, it is a very long time that Frenchs have made a good movie which crossed all the borders. Maybe it exists subtitled.

It was so cold, windy and it rained so that we just did a little walk through the Gallery and then went home.

It also had snowed for the first time, but the temperatures are too high, so it doesn't last and it's all dirty everywhere.

On Sunday it couldn't be worse outside ! I wanted to go to the market, do some window shopping too, as just before Christmas the stores are open on Sundays (business is business) Normally all shops and stores and supermarkets are closed on Sundays in Belgium. But it rain/snowed, it was grey and humid and windy, the risk to catch a cold again was too big.
So I stayed home, did our laundry, watched TV and "worked" on my PC. A rather boring Sunday.


Kay L. Davies said...

I went out on Friday night with my husband. He bought me a beautiful pair of shoes as my Christmas present (very hard to do, because my arches are falling and it is hard to find shoes to fit) and then took me out for a belated birthday dinner.
Good friends looked after Lindy, and she was very happy. We visited a while, and she couldn't decide who to sit with, so she sat with each of us for a little while.

The Chair Speaks said...

So glad your sniffles has gone.
You did the right thing in staying home on such a cold wintry Sunday. It certainly is not worth getting sick again. Merry Christmas!

Auntie E said...

Oh Snow, Loved the photos. I remember the dirty show in New york state. My Mother did not like that look.