5 Dec 2011


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1. What an awful weekend, at least weatherwise ! It rained cats and dogs, the wind blow and whistled around the house, in short it was a weather to hang yourself ! Unfortunately I had to go out to the pharmacy, because Mr. G. had ran out of caugh syrup and he is still caughing that the walls tremble. As he cannot smoke his mood is accordingly bad. Therefore I became deaf and let him blat like a goat. I should have taken a picture of the pharmacy which was so crowded as if every medicine was for free. The ideal place to catch some microbes.

Fortunately I was very busy with the creation of a new logo for the ex "Photo Hunter" meme, which I decided to continue under another name "Saturday's Photo Hunting" as the host of the Photo Hunters had to stop, because of lack of time. This meme is very well liked, each week there is another theme, so I also made a list of themes for the next two months. If you want to join in it's on my Photo blog KEYHOLE PICTURES where you can leave your link in "Mr. Linky"

Quickly the day was over and ended with a "Midsomer Murder" where Inspector Barnaby solved 4 murders. Then I went to bed and read another crime story. The funniest thing is that the main criminal had done his studies at the "Belliol College" in Oxford where I had stayed for 4 days in August ! Fortunately we weren't there at the same time, as he had already murdered 5 people.

Sunday wasn't better and nothing could convince me to put my nose outside, although I had planned to help a friend to buy some Christmas decorations, but she too prefered to stay home.
So I started with the creation of our Christmas card 2011, which took me almost the whole afternoon, but now it's done and I did a nice card to send by email or mail, which I only do for one person ! Otherwise we prefer to call those who don't have an email.

My cats should model for Christmas, but they were not always cooperative, everybody knows that models are moody.

We watched a little bit TV, had supper and then I returned to my book. Mr. G almost slept the whole day and now he feels a little better.


  1. Glad Mr G is feeling better. He's been ill for a while now. I can relate to the crowded pharmacies. In Eldoret whenever I enter the pharmacy, there seem to be at LEAST five people who push in before me! And only two assistants. I sympathise with the weather. We're experiencing rain and rain and dark depressing mornings Cannot BELIEVE we live in Africa. Hopefully it clears soon and the good hot African sun appears for more than two hours a day! BTW I love your models! Oh and I am glad that mass murderer was nohwere near Oxford when you stayed there this year! Keep warm and indoors.And have a great week. Hugs Jo

  2. It has been raining cats and dogs in Singapore for the past two weeks.

    I went on a river cruise on Sunday despite a slight shower. It was an enjoyable day despite the wet weather.

  3. We are having the sunniest Nov of all times so everybody is out walking along the beach. We "earned" our Sunday luncheon by a 2-hour walk. People were not out buying Xmas presents, maybe there won't be too many this year...
    I think your new meme is bound to be a success!! congrats :)

  4. Oh dear, it did sound a nasty weekend and poor Mr G is not well. I hope the cough syrup helps. If it is brochitis he may need antibiotics. Well you found something productive to do in making the Christmas Card.You and Bill would make a good pair watching crimis.

  5. Hubby keeps hoping for snow, but we have none. I just want my back pain to stop!

  6. I wish mr G a speedy recovery! Coughing is very tiring.
    What did I do this weekend? Well I celebrated my birthday and Sinterklaas with my daughter, her partner and my grandson.
    Have a nice week, Gattina!

  7. Hope Mr G continues to feel better. Coughs can be so tiresome. And coughing men are even more so ;)


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