9 Dec 2011


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1. After the usual Monday's acqua gym, I needed to fill up our fridge, and to buy some bread for a cheese fondue. The afternoon I spent with "tidying" up my computer and made backups on my external disk.


We checked the kitchen I had bought as grandson Toby's Christmas gift and opened the box. Fortunately we did before taking it to Amsterdam, because it was damaged!

I had to return to the store, which is quiet far away from home and had it exchanged. I didn't want to buy anything more but then but ...

I found this cute breakfast set in felt. Of course I couldn't resist and bought it too.

On the way back I stopped at Ilona's and had a cup of tea. She had bought a very cute ceramic nativity scene and had also started to decorate her house.

3. I realized that I had all my Christmas gifts the only one I had forgotten, maybe because I see him every day, was Mr. G. I didn't have to rake my brain to find something to buy, which of course I cannot tell, it's quiet easy with him, he always needs the same stuff.


Looking for some outside decoration I found these climbing Christmas fathers in the "Stock store" where they sale nearly everything from shampoo to buddhas coming from shops with too much unsold stock or which had to close. When I arrived, there was just a load of Christmas decoration still in cartons which they sold for very cheap. I sent all my friends who are in need of Christmas decoration there.

5. In painting class we celebrated a future great great grandma, she had brought cakes and champagne for this event, unfortunately I forgot to take some pictures. Useless to say, that we didn't paint very much.


  1. Oh thank goodness you checked that kitchen set. Obviously the replacement one is perfect! Are you keeping the felt kitchen accessories for yourself? What did you buy Mr G eventually? I never know what to get for Grant because his refrain is : I need a new motorbike! Even though the one we have is just about brand new, HA Anyway, I think I'll get him aftershave, he's started using a moisturising balm now in his "old age" LOL! I live through the blogger's decorations especially yours. Don't have any here in the Valley. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Jo

  2. That is a great Christmas present for Toby. He is sure to get hours of fun with it. Just as well you checked it first.

  3. I love the felt food and the little kitchen!! I can see Toby growing up to earn Michelin stars :)

    Your friend's nativity scene is adorable.

  4. I love those little cute tiny felt !
    Surely the other kids would enjoy that too ! have a nice weekend from sunny but cooler today Cambodia!!

  5. Oh how I need to tidy up my computer too. It's a perpetual item on my to-do list, but I rarely get around to it. I do back up to my external disk periodically though--valuable!

    I love the nativity scene. So precious.

    A future great-great grandma--definitely an event worth celebrating. Congratulations to her.

  6. That is a fabulous kitchen set. I would get it too if I have a grandchild. Never mind whether I have a grandson or granddaughter, I just want to play with it. haha.....

  7. Glad you checked that kitchen set and got it replaced. And I love those felt foods! I'm sure your grandson will love it and spend many happy hours "cooking".


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