26 Nov 2011


Since I am back from my holidays, life has me back full speed ! Mr. G. catched a cold in Amsterdam because he smoked on the cold terrace wearing a thin shirt but didn't put on a cardigan. Now he has to pay for it and I too indirectly !

He caughes like an old steam engine and when he sneezes, 3 cats in different sleeping places catapult themselves through the air. I am sure that our neighbors are suspecting me to keep secretely an elephant in our garage who trumpets joyfully.

Good cat Pookie serves as hot water bottle.

And as this wasn't enough, for me to play the nurse, I have to give a shot to Rosie against the

inflammation of her paw. It's getting better. Each morning I have to pull out of the bed a sneezing and caughing Mr. G. to hold her so that I can give her the shot. What a show !

Now I am thinking of wearing a burka, not a black one, that would look too sad and the mailman and my neighbors would risk a heart attack. This would protect me for not catching all the microbes flying around in this house ! I quiet like this blue model. What do you think ?


Mar said...

Oh, Nurse Gattina on duty...get well wishes to your patients.

Maribeth said...

Here is hoping Mr. G feels better soon! Rosie as well!

Mary said...

Hope Mr. G gets better very soon, and the cats can stop doing their acrobatics when he sneezes! :D

EastCoastLife said...

Get well soon, Mr G!

I can't see your face if you were to wear the burka! I prefer the blue one too.

A Lady's Life said...

I love Pookie She looks so nice with her coloring.
My husband doesn't like curtains and calls them rags. Can you imagine his thoughts on burkas? lol
Instead of calling me a bag lady, he'd call me a rag lady.

Kay L. Davies said...

A blue burka is nice, but I think a bright pink one would look good on you, and a white one for nursing duty. I hope Mr. G. and Rosie are both well soon.
Luv, K

Lifecruiser Travel said...

Great idea with the burka, I have had that feeling many times... hi hi... Poor you, I hope you're all getting better FAST as lightening!!!!