21 Nov 2011


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I had a very nice weekend ! I just came back from Egypt on Thursday night, had just Friday to unpack my suitcase and getting used to the cold, while I also had to prepare a new one for us and things to take along to go to Amsterdam to celebrate Grandson Toby's first birthday.

Toby's parents had invited the family and friends from the Dutch side and his friends from Belgium, UK and USA. I think we were about 30 people ! Imagine all the birthday gifts Toby got, he can easily open a shop now !

First thing we saw when we arrived Toby makes his first steps and starts walking !

of course he wants to go downstairs and tries to open the protection grid

with Daddy's help

and proudly alone !

The architecture of the house they bought looks very strange to us who are used to the spacious houses in Belgium. On the top you see the front of the house but it's only the right part of street lamp ! 4 floors high, my poor legs ! As Amsterdam has not enough space for building large houses they built high ! The "gardens" are all side by side and not devided, if you want to, you have to put a bamboo screen as the neighbor did or something else. Otherwise you are sharing your part with all your neighbors. (in the hope they are all nice !) They moved in just 2 weeks ago so they don't know anybody yet

Houses are very very expensive and they were even really lucky to find one ! The surroundings are beautiful (I think) but as the weather was so foggy I couldn't take any pictures. There is also a little leisure habor and a beach just around the corner.

Toby is more interested in the Buddha than in the gifts. The cake was in form of a Barbapapa

The kids represented the united colors of Benetton, it was so sweet. The adults had fun too !

A picture with Nonno and Nonna.

After the parents with children were gone and Toby sleeping, we spent the evening with two other couples with lots several bottles of excellent Italian red wine. After that they had to call a taxi ....

The next day, the living room was in a mess, and we slowly tidied up, but then my son's best friend with family came back, they had spent the night in a hotel and we went to a "Pancake" Restaurant.

It was very modern but also very cosy and there was a big playing ground for children, I had never seen that in Belgium. The pancakes, salty or sweet were enormous ! Here is a picture of mine I never thought I could eat it all but it was so delicious, with cheese, mushrooms and ham.

The kids were playing while we ordered the meal, Toby loves kitchens and was busy with pots and pans.

and here we are, before "attacking" the pancakes !


  1. Wow, that's a long thin building and to have four floors, phew! Glad to see the safety gate. Well done Toby on taking your first steps and HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to a handsome little boy! What a lovely party you had. And, Gattina, I love your son's best friends! (((Hugs))) Jo

  2. That's a tall building! good exercise going up and down the stairs. Happy belated bday to darling Toby, he is adorable, but you already know that.
    That pancake made me hungry and I just had breakfast!! happy Monday :-)

  3. I kept getting an error when trying to leave a comment with my blogger id...no problem otherwise. See if this works...

  4. It looks like it was a successful birthday party. How lucky to see Toby taking his first steps. He is growing so tall. I bet it felt good to give him a real hug.
    I spent the weekend cleaning out rubbish from the garage as we had a council kerbside pick up today.

  5. Glad you had such a great time with your family. And little Toby is now a really cute little man!

  6. What a wonderful party and such a pretty new house for Toby's parent! It looks like you and Mr. G. had a great time!

  7. Hello!
    What a wonderful family! Best Wishes to the Birthday Boy! I love the last photo of all of you together at the Pancake place.
    Mississippi, USA

  8. A belated Happy Birthday to Toby! He has grown so much!

    I am looking hungrily at the huge pancake. :P

    Have a wonderful time with your family!

  9. What a world traveler you are, Gattina! Love the inside of their house. Guess it's what you're used to -3 weeks ago we were in Amsterdam and we thought the houses were much cheaper than in California (as well as groceries and clothes!)
    You have a cute and happy grandson!

  10. The pancake looks delicious and you son has a very nice home. Pretty soon Toby will be running up and down stairs and keep Mommy fit. lol
    It was great people could come from so far away to celebrate the big One!


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