24 Nov 2011


Jenny Matlock
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Writing about holidays came on purpose, because I just came back from my two weeks holidays in the Sunrise Holyday Resort in Hurghada/Egypt. A nice opportunity to show you where I spent my days exactly.

Isn't it nice to be welcomed in the morning by a "Good Morning" written in the sand ?

Hurghada from far

Very comfy place for young parents or old grandparents to watch over the kids in the kid's pool and if you want you can even smoke a waterpipe.

All kind of sports were available, this is stretching but there was also water gym and other sports.

Our daily way to our working place

where I worked for 7 h with a lunch interruption

the view from our balcony

at 8 am sharp, you got your fresh bath towels. Unfortunately there were people who kept the old once from the day before to be sure to have a nice beach bed before the others.

When we were thirsty there was the beach bar

Each day we had a cute decoration on our bed made with our bath towels

here is a swan

my little "office" which even was equipped with Internet connection

The entrance with the guards

There were bars on two floors above the reception with nice cosy little corners, and sometimes singers

Apperitives were served in all colors but nothing artificial, it was all made with fruits

Here I am after an exhausting day ! The green wrist band I am wearing means that I don't have to pay anything because I have "All inclusive" !

I loved the staircase

and always a fresh flower arrangement in the reception hall

A glimpse into our favorite restaurant where we had supper each evening. There are 3 restaurants in total, but one was closed for refurbishment.

For me it was the perfect holidays, I had nothing to complain except this :

horrendous Internet prices, for a 4 (and a half) star hotel, with conference room ! In all other hotels I had been in Egypt Internet was free and considered as a service to the client. How could one work and take holidays at the same time if the Internet costs more in comparison with the food ?

Please vote, I want to give the result to the hotel.


A Lady's Life said...

It looks like you were having to work very hard Gattina.
Good thing for those long lunch breaks lol

Mar said...

For my nice long comment I got this message from blogger...
Lo sentimos, pero no hemos podido llevar a cabo tu peticiĆ³n.
Hemos detectado los errores siguientes:
Input error: Memcache value is null for FormRestoration

Oops, first part in Spanish, but you get the idea. Nice place to rest and to enjoy sunshine, bad place for bloggers! I voted. Occupy that hotel!

Maribeth said...

I looked on a map where this resort is. What a nice spot!

Gledwood said...

I would really like to see the Valley of the Kings and the pyramids but I don't think the guards would let me into any international hotel!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

This is absolutely beautiful! The rooms are much different than I would have expected but really, why spend time in your room when everything else is so luxurious! I was also surprised at the beachwear for women, thinking we had to be more covered. This has been very interesting.

Lea's Menagerie said...

Wow! What a wonderful place to go for a vacation! Love all your photos! The rooms do look a little stark to be in such a lux hotel, but .... towels folded into sculptures and a marvelous balcony view! Very nice!
Mississippi, USA

Sue said...

Looks like a relaxing trip to a beautiful spot. Glad you were able to spend two weeks there. That's enough time to really wind down and enjoy yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving. (I know it's not your holiday, but I have a feeling you are feeling pretty grateful for that lovely vacation!)


Leovi said...

Beautiful photos, I was in Hurghada, but in 1988.

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

What a glamourous holiday. It looked like time well spent. We may try one in January. More like Hawaii though.

Loree said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time - despite the shocking internet rates.

Judie said...

Gattina, I could use a vacation like that! Your photos are wonderful!!

anitamombanita said...

Thanks for taking us along on your vacations. Lovely photos!

diane b said...

Wow that looks a lovely resort. Is it where you stayed last time? I agree about internet charges in resorts should be a service not a charge. All the hotels we stayed in America were free except the biggest one in LA (Marriott). In Australia they all charge and boy does Bill give them a serve.

Teresa said...

It certainly looks like a beautiful place to stay! I wouldn't know about the Internet prices because I rarely leave my little area of the world. (big wistful sigh)

Monica said...

It looks beautiful! What a wonderful holiday!

Jenny said...

I'd love to go there!

Especially if I had a green band!

What a fun vacation! And so different from anywhere I've been!