17 Oct 2011


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With my friend Chantal and another one from our painting class we visited the exposition Tutankhamun the Egyptian King. Perfect copies of alll the things they had found in his grave were exposed, the originals are in the Museum in Cairo. The exposition has such a lot of success, since February that it had been prolonged til end of November. I will write and show you pictures later.

After the exposition we had a coffee under the Atomium.

The weather was sunny but it is now getting really cold, so we cleaned and covered the garden furniture and put the cushions etc in the garden shed. Kim's tent has to stay outside because even in winter she sometimes sleeps in there ! Crazy cat.

On Sunday Ilona and I wanted to visit the Cave of Spy where a Neanderthal man had been discovered.

After driving around to find the place, which apparently Madame GPS didn't know, we finally stopped at an "Irish Pub" at least that was its name. I bed the owners had never seen an Irish Pub in their whole life. But the food was good and the place lovely. They had a conservatory where we ate, and had a beautiful view on a park.

The caves are supposed to be at the very beginning of the Ardennes and finally we found it after having asked several times, there was no sign !

The place was beautiful and finally we found a way through the woods walked a km and couldn't enter the cave because the way down there was so difficult and dangerous that we didn't dare to slip down eventually on our bottoms !

(I found this picture on internet and I think we haven't missed anything).

Ilona also had her broked toe just healed and still had to be careful. The walk through the woods was wonderful, it still was very green and no sign of "golden" autumn leaves. Amazing for a 16 October !

We were a little tired when we got back from all this fresh air.


A Lady's Life said...

I guess you have big foot there like we do here lol
You had another great day:)

Jo said...

I loved the Tut exposition on your post! We also have a "crazy" cat at home in SA who sleeps outdoors in winter. And she's already 11 years old. Oh, I'm glad you didn't venture into that cave. No good breaking something and or having a monster eat you for lunch. Ha! Have a great week. Jo

Maribeth said...

We went to the Tut Exposition when it came to Boston many years ago. I always love it!

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - People do not seem to show their inner self anymore but you be surprised how far a little bit can go. I want my son to know he is loved and blessed so he takes care when he goes out into the world but then he is only 19. This is the time to say such things cause when they are older and have their own families, it's too late.

Cezar and Léia said...

I would love visiting that exhibition about Tutankhamun.I'm always delighted by Egyptian art and history!
Thanks for sharing,

TorAa said...

Well, it seems you had a varied weekend.Great Photos;-)

Why so interested in history of Mankind and even before? Well we in Europe have some Neanderthal genes.

I took a tour to show how Oslo South looks like this time of year.
No monuments, no historical sites, no tourist areas, just plain how it looks around...

Loree said...

i had a funeral and a wedding this weekend. I would have loved to attend the King Tut expo. I am sure it was very interesting.