16 Oct 2011


I am reading a crime story which happens in the Victorian era in St. Giles, London around 1860. A place which was described having the worst living conditions of poverty.

"Open sewers often ran through rooms and cesspits were left untended. Residents complained to the Times in 1849 : "We live in muck and filth. We aint got no priviz, no dust bins, no drains, no water-splies, and no drain or suer in the hole place." The rookery was a maze of gin shops, prostitutes' hovels and secret alleyways. Peter Ackroyd writes "The Rookeries embodied the worst living conditions in all of London's history; this was the lowest point which human beings could reach".

Of course when I started to read the book and the life conditions of the people living there, I wanted to know more and that's why I copied and pasted the above paragraph to share my new knowledge with you. Not that you think that I changed my name into Madame Wikipedia.

Anyway the book "The silent cry" is written by Anne Perry whom I didn't know and it is really very suspenseful. So each time I close the book and before I switch off the light I enjoy this view and am happy that I didn't live at that time !

I wonder why so many people talk about The "Good old Times " ?


A Lady's Life said...

Well I guess in the west they have the romantic times of escape from all this. The world was fresh and you learned to live in somewhat harsh natural conditions but free . Life was about hunting and fishing, gathering,trading.You chopped wood and built cabins by a clean lake or waterfall.You made your own soap, candles. There was no one to punish or tax you for things.All in all it was a good life for the industrious with lots of room to spread ones wings.

Friko said...

Your question has a very quick answer: because the past is always better than the present, particularly in old people's view.

Tja, in der guten alten Zeit da war immer alles so viel besser!

Congratulations on your prolific blogging career!

Mara said...

Oh yes, the past. Well, the past definitely wasn't better. Which I keep telling my colleagues who loved that era. They tend to remember the good things and forget all the horrid stuff that happened!

Dhemz said...

I have to agree with Friko...:)

very interesting, thanks for sharing and for dropping by!