7 Jul 2011


Jenny Matlock
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Apparently "Lost" is a TV series, which I have never seen, but I like the title because it fits on me.
I get lost all the time when I am walking or driving, but this is getting better with the help of my new Madame GPS who also has a pedestrian mode. Unfortunately she doesn't dispose of a function to find things !

I had to google first to know what the Series "Lost" was talking about and learned that "Lost is a drama series that follows the lives of various individuals and groups of people, most importantly the survivors of the crash of a commercial passenger jet flying between Sydney and Los Angeles, on a mysterious tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean".

Of course I don't mean this kind of loss, because what I loose are not the guests in my house who would end on the hill of the Waterloo Lion, which could also be an idea for a new TV series, but I loose things !

Permanently I loose my glasses, my camera and my car keys ! It's hide and seek here the whole year long, there must be a ghost in our house who hides these things just to annoy me ! Mr. G. pretends that he is innocent and helps to find the lost things, grumbling that I should put my stuff always at the same place. I agree with him, the only thing is the place changes too.

What should I do ? wear the things attached to a chain around my neck ? but my glasses have to sit on my nose. The trouble also is, when I don't wear my glasses I don't see anything and can't find the lost keys or camera ! It's a real drama !

Only once a family member got lost, and that was cat Arthur !

He disappeared for 3 days and we already had lost all hope to find him again, when suddenly he showed up in our garage, not hungry, not thirsty, but with a shock. For 6 weeks he didn't put a paw outside and I guess he had been kidnapped by a child until the parents discovered and liberated him.

Honnestly I prefer to loose every item in our household but not one of my cats !


H said...

Poor Arthur! You must have been so worried about him!

I am not too bad at losing things, but when I do, it drives me mad searching the house to find them!

Whisppy said...

Yikes! Poor Arthur. Thank goodness he managed to get home, safe and sound! I won't ever want to lose any of my pets coz the uncertainty of what happened to them is pure torture.

Some children stole my tortoises once and I couldn't eat or sleep for the 2 nights that they were gone. I had put up notices around the neighbourhood and promises of a monetary reward which prompted the children to return them to me. If they hadn't, my tortoises would most certainly had died a most horrible death (they kept them in a tiny bucket where they could barely move).

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I am so glad Arthur got free and came home.

Merle said...

Hi Gallina ~~ We all lose things my friend - some of which are never found again. Not things like car keys
as I don't drive any more, but I put
things away safely and don't know where. I came by to wish you a very Happy Birthday, tomorrow the 8th July
I hope you have a lovely day.
So glad your Arthur came home safely.
Take great care, my friend and enjoy your special day. Love, Merle.

Nancy C said...

Poor kitty! One of our black farm cats has been missing for a few days, but for a male, that's not unusual.

I tend to forget where I put things, too. I call it "some-timer's" syndrome. :)

Visiting you from Alphabe Thursday. :)

Lissa said...

we all loose little things, I doubt any of us remembers where we put everything. sometimes I put things away and forgets where they are. I don't think it's a bad thing.

glad the cat came back. I think all animals seems always know how to find their way home.

have a lovely day.

Susan Anderson said...

I really hate losing things.

It would be awful to lose a pet! (Glad all is well.)


Gledwood said...

Lost is a dreadful TV series and you should count yourself exceedingly lucky never to have seen it!

Poor Arthur going missing like that. I'm glad he's home safe


storybeader said...

a lost pet is a terrible thing! And you're not missing much with the tv show - I mean, how can they be lost with a camera crew following them around? Cute post! {:-D

Judie said...

I have a horrible fear of losing my keys! I lost them once on a train to New Orleans and now I freak out when I can't remember where I put them. Fortunately, they always show up!

Ames said...

I would just die if I lost one of my dogs. They are so like children to me. My husband's keys have eluded him several times and after doing the back tracking trip to find them, they were in the house right under his nose all the time. He wears me out. I always say he does the man search and if it were a snake he would have been biten. As for the Lost show, I watched a few episodes and said I hope they stay Lost. I can think of a few better things to waste my time on than watching that show.~Ames

Francisca said...

I "misplace" things too... and so I came up with the rule, look first, panic later. (Are you listening, Judie? LOL) But no, you don't want to lose Arthur or any of your cats.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

lovely cat.

Jenny said...

I've never watched this series but I sure experience the word...often.

I'm the one running around looking for my reading glasses while they're on my head...

The one that looses the carton of milk by putting it in the pantry...

The one that...

Oh geez.

Never mind.

Trust me.

The meaning of lost is not lost on me.


Thanks for a cute link Miss Gattina!