8 Jul 2011


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1. The week started with an appointment for a mammography, which I had taken beginning May. Usually it doesn't take that long but I was on holidays, so I only got a date beginning July. It's never very funny, I went there as always a little worried, but the result was perfect, I could enjoy the rest of the day which I did by buying a nice summer jacket on sales. Everybody needs some comfort.

2. I took the train to Brussels (only 20 min) because I wanted to take pictures of an event which takes place each year on the Grand Place and is called "Ommegang" a historic parade, part of the Brussels folklore with more than 1.400 actors, folk and historic groups, horses, puppet theater, giants, flags etc.

From the 1.400 actors I saw none, I could only do this video of the preparations, where the sound was tested ! I didn't see a single person in a historical costume. In the evening I saw on TV that I had mixed up the dates and places ! So it will be for next year !

3. I had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen for quiet a while and as nice as she was a few years ago, as boring she is now. Her main conversation was about her health problems especially the bowels; I think the whole restaurant is now informed. I had a very nice steak with chips and salad, it was so tender it almost melted in my mouth. But we also talked about the travels we had made in between.

4. I finished my painting for the Victor Hugo festival in Waterloo. We had to paint something representing Les Miserables (the miserable once) I choose Cosette, the little girl whom her mother had given to people to take care of her and who didn't get enough to eat.

I think she looks hungry enough. Now I will see if it will be choosen by the city for the exposition !

5. A wonderful surprise I got from the postmenlady, she brought me a parcel and what was in it there ? Clogs ! My virtual friend Mara from the Netherlands had sent them to me because I won the jackpot on the question "which special footwear is only used in the Netherlands". I answered "Clogs" ! And here they are !

Aren't they beautiful ? Just right for the winter ! They are warm and comfy and fit perfectly ! My cats Rosie and Arthur were not impressed at all when they saw them, they didn't even have a sniff. Mr. G. laughed his head off and waits for winter to admire my feet. Thank you so much Mara, on top the clogs arrived exactly for my birthday which is today !!

I had the front yard cleaned ! There were bushes which grew higher and higher just under our guest room window, as you can see on the picture above (left) Now it looks nice and clean. The gardener had put bark on the ground and I bought 3 flower pots. Now it's very easy to entertain and I don't have to have it cut twice a year. The bushes also darkened the room.


Merle said...

Dear Gattina ~~ I am glad you had a good day for your birthday - a good result of the mammogram, lunch out.
a train trip to Brussels - your painting is finished and you got some clogs which arrived on the right day. Nothing to complain about there my friend. Have a very
great time with your son and family. That precious little grandson will be a joy for you. Take care, Love, Merle.

Linens and Royals said...

Happy Birthday, I hope Rosie and Arthur were very nice to you for the day. They really should have shown more interest in the clogs.
Love your painting and hope it wins, I didn't know Cosette had a cat.

Maribeth said...

I love how Rosie and Arthur help you to show off your new clogs!

eastcoastlife said...

Happy birthday Gattina!!

I love the clogs, they are so beautiful! I would love to own a pair if I have the chance.

jabblog said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! I love your clogs - such a lovely colour.
I laughed at your account of lunch - some people just love to discuss their ailments, don't they?

A Lady's Life said...

Oh I love the clogs and the new picture you are painting :)

Jientje said...

Happy ( belated) Birthday Gattina! I just got back from France and haven't gooten round to much blogging just yet, but I read it in my reader and just HAD to come over and wish you a very very happy Birthday, and many happy returns of the day!