3 Mar 2011


Jenny Matlock
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Letter "U"

This morning laying in my bed I tried to breed a very nice, intellectual, shakespearelike (at least) post for our weekly Alphabet Thursday.

Therefore I had to choose a word starting with U and here it became difficult. I had no inspiration at all, I looked at the now white ceiling (it was just freshly painted last week) but my brain remained empty like a Dutch cheese with holes.

As I had to deal with a very unstable person lately, I thought that this word would be perfect for a U post. I jumped out of my bed, went on Internet and looked under "unstable person" just to learn a little more about these poor and probably also very unhappy people who never know what they really want and also suffer from serious inferiority complexes.

First thing I found was : Unstable = unstable Person characterized by lack of emotional control. Seemed logical to me. But I also asked Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia which told me :

"Redirect page
Jump to: navigation, search Instability

I had no intention to redirect pages to jump or navigate I only wanted more to know about "unstable persons" and not about Instability, because this word doesn't start with a U !! Why do they call it instability if it comes from unstable ? It should be Unstability !!

But at least I enlarged my knowledge about mental disorder, which apparently comes from "unstable"

A mental disorder or mental illness is a psychological or behavioral pattern generally associated with subjective distress or disability that occurs in an individual, and which is not a part of normal development or culture.

No definitively , that wasn't what I wanted, who would want to read a "Freud" post on a nice thursday afternoon ?

I put my hands under my skin and looked at cat Rosie who was grooming herself from top to bottom, but even that didn't give me any inspiration, besides the fact that Rosie didn't look uncomfortable or in an unstable postition !

Mulling over and over my problem I finally I came to the conclusion that there are far too much words starting with an "u"

just have a look and don't get dizzy

unnervate, unnerve, unnerved, unnerves, unnerving, unnesessary, unnest, unnestle, unnethe, unnethes, unnoble, unnobly, unnoted, unnoticeable, unnoticeably, unnoticed, unnotify, unnourished, unnumbered, unnumerable, unstable, unstableness, unstabler, unstablest, unstably, unstack, unstacked, unstacking, unstacks, unstained, unstamped, unstandardized, unstapled, unstarch, unstarched, unstate, unstated, unstates, unsteadier, unsteadies, unsteadiest, unsteadily, unsteadiness, unsteady,uakari, uberous, uberrima, uberties, uberty, ubeth, ubication, ubiety, ubiquarian, ubiquitarian, ubiquitaries, ubiquitariness, ubiquitary, ubiquities, ubiquitist, ubiquitous, ubiquitously, ubiquity, uchees, uckewallist, udal, udalborn, udaler, udalman, udder, uddered, udderless, udders, udometer, ufo, ufos, uganda, ugandan, ugandans, ugh, ughs, uglesome, ugli, uglier, ugliest, uglified, uglifier, uglifiers, uglifies, uglify, uglifying, uglily, ugliness, uglis, ugly, ugrian, ugsome, uh, uhlan, uhs, uintatherium, uitlander, ukase, ukases, uke, ukelele, ukeleles, ukes, ukraine, ukrainian, ukrainians, ukulele, ukuleles, ulan, ularburong, ulcer, ulcerable, ulcerate, ulcerated, ulcerates, ulcerating, ulceration, ulcerations, ulcerative, ulcered, ulcering, ulcerous, ulcers, ulcuscle, ulcuscule, ule, ulema, ulexite, uliginose, uliginous, ullage, ullages, ullet, ullmannite, ulluco, ulmaceous, ulmate, ulmic, ulmin, ulmus, ulna, ulnae, ulnage, ulnar, ulnare, ulnaria, ulnas, ulodendron, uloid, ulonata, ulotrichan, ulotrichi, ulotrichous, ulster, ulsters, ult, ulterior, ulteriorly, ultima, ultimacies, ultimacy, ultimas, ultimata, ultimate, ultimated, ultimately, ultimateness, ultimates, ultimating, ultimation, ultimatum, ultimatums, ultime, ultimity, ultimo, ultion, ultra, ultracentrifuge, ultraconservative, ultraconservatives, ultrafiche, ultrafiches, ultrafiltration, ultragaseous, ultrage, ultrahazardous, ultrahigh, ultraism, ultraist, ultramarine, ultramicroscope, ultramicroscopic, ultramicroscopically, ultramicroscopy, ultramicrotome, ultramodern, ultramontane, ultramontanism, ultramontanist, ultramundane, ultrared, ultras, ultrasonic, ultrasonically, ultrasonics, ultrasonogram, ultrasonography, ultrasound, ultrastructural, ultrastructure, ultrasuede, ultratropical, ultraviolet, ultrazodiacal, ultroneous, ulula, ululant, ululate, ululated, ululates, ululating, ululation, ululations, ulva, ulvas, ulysses, umbe, umbecast, umbel, umbeled, umbellar, umbellate, umbellated, umbellet, umbellic, umbellifer, umbelliferone, umbelliferous, umbellularia, umbellule, umbels, umber, umbered, umbers, umbery, umbilic, umbilical, umbilicate, umbilicated, umbilication, umbilici, umbilicus, umbilicuses, umbles, umbo, umbonate, umbonated, umbones, umbos, umbra, umbraculiferous, umbraculiform, umbrae, umbrage, umbrageous, umbrages, umbral, umbras, umbrate, umbratic, umbratical, umbratile, umbratious, umbre, umbrel, umbrella, umbrellaed, umbrellas, umbrere, umbrette, umbriere, umbriferous, umbril, umbrine, umbrose, umbrosity, umhofo, umiak, umiaks, umlaut, umlauted, umlauting, umlauts, ump, umped, umping, umpirage, umpire, umpired, umpires, umpireship,

and if you don't have found enough words starting with U you = u can continue to read by clicking here and ask for "U". I think it goes until the letter unzipped at least, which now inspires me for a post about unzipped trousers. But for that I wait for next U-turn.


  1. Wonderful, Gattina. Very funny. And Rosie looks lovely whatever position she is in.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. U did a good U post without inspiration. The silly English language never sticks to its rules. Unstable/instability.
    quite/quiet, once/ones

  3. lol

    Unzipped trousers??

    Well I guess the next letter should be B

    for a bird escaping lol

    As for mental and/or unstable people, well we characterize them through norms in society and today I think the whole world is unstable so what do we gather from that?

  4. Well said Gattina. You ran the whole gammut of U's in one post! Have a great weekend. Jo

  5. Ugh! Sometimes the question is so simple and finding the answer is so incredibly hard! Isn't the internet great??

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I can't wait for your post about unzipped trousers ;)

  8. I guess the word unstable became unstable for U (you). hehehe! You certainly win for the most Use of U words my goodness!

    try searching using Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder


  9. Oh my gosh, Gattina, you win the "U" did it award!!!

  10. I agree. Unstability should be the word. Who comes up with these rules anyway?

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