1 Mar 2011

MY WORLD - Spring ??

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As my weekend had rather been stressful and I was quiet down, I tried to cheer me up by walking through "my world" and discovered with pleasure the first spring signs !

slowly slowly it starts to bloom and little buds come out. It made me feel better and I thought in a few weeks there will be green leaves there and flowers will start to come out and make the world a little more colorful.

This one was quiet in advance, I don't know the name, but I thought it's beautiful.

After my little walk through the nature I thought I go to the cimetary to say hello to my very best friend Jeanine who died on February 27 in 2009 of pancreas cancer. she had been more than a sister to me. But as I had decided to visit her sponatiously I came without any flowers.

I was quiet horrified to see her grave in this state. She hadn't wanted to be burried but incinerated and her ashes to be put together with her mother's in a rose bed in her garden, but her husband without respecting her last will, insisted to have a grave to walk there and bring her flowers.

Instead he found another women 3 months later and her son, whom she had raised and spoiled with so much love (probably too much), has forgotten his mother's grave too. She is not longer there to take care of him so why should he go to her grave ?

This put me back into deep sadness.

When it's not raining tomorrow I will go back, clean the grave and put some flowers. She had been the best friend I ever had and we had shared so many high and deeps together from being young mothers until our 60th. She was only 67 when she died.


Jo said...

Oh no Gattina! How sad and how typical of a man who didn't honour his wife's last wishes! Well, I'm glad she had a sister-friend like you. At least you'll recoup some peace while you clean up her last resting place tomorrow. I'm sure you'll chat to her while doing it. I would. Bless you for caring and I'm sure spring will soon be there in Waterloo and warm your generous heart again. (((hugs))) Jo

Kay L. Davies said...

So sad, Gattina, that your friend's husband didn't respect her wishes, made a big fuss pretending to want to have a place to visit her, and then turned his back on her completely.
At least she had you to love and respect her. Longtime friends are just like family, sometimes better.
Luv, K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Mara said...

It's sad to see someone's grave in that state! Especially if it's a dear friend's!

Gracie said...

It's very sad they both forgot about her, you're right, you have to pay respect to her grave even if she isn't there, but treasured deeply in your heart.

Kat said...

It's so sad that her grave has been so neglected. Poor Gattina, I'm sure you felt horrible just looking at the grave! Sigh...she's lucky to have you! Keep warm and have a glorious spring! Hugs from me

Maribeth said...

Yes, I know. I went to Katie's grave last fall and it was in terrible shape. (It is far from here and I do not get there often) So once all the snow is gone, I plan to go back and clear it again and then plant some flowers.
She was cremated and it is only her ashes there, and it is where my ashes will go one day. Sad to think about, isn't it?

Mar said...

Spring is on its way!!! so sad about your friend's grave...I too want to be cremated and hope my wish will be respected...at least she had a good friend in you to remember her.

jabblog said...

You will feel so happy when you've tidied your friend's grave. What a good soul you are :-)

Loree said...

That is very sad. That would be so sweet of you to put flowers on your friend's grave. In truth, all we leave behind is just a shell but it is nice to show respect. Hope spring will be there for you soon.

A Lady's Life said...

The spring pics are so nice Everything budding.
I have heard so many stories like this before about wives and deaths and their replacements.
I guess the best thing is not to die. lol
It is good that you her friend, is there to remember her as she should be.We used to go to church and there would be a little book with all the names of people you want remembered and a prayer said to. Every week you would pay them to say a prayer and ypu would light a candle for their souls.I havent done this in years but I guess now that I will slowly have more time on my hands going back to church would be a good thing for me if only for this.
God Bless Gattina

Linens and Royals said...

Sometimes I think friends can be so much better than family. You are a good friend to remember and keep in touch if only by looking after her grave.

Vlado&Toni said...

oh so sorry Gattina - I remember the story of your friend.. what a shame! that husband of hers is just so unfair..you'll do a good job taking care of her grave.. this is the least you could do to pay her respect .. not like that family of hers.. this story is just so sad :(