4 Mar 2011


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1. After our stressful weekend with new baked hysterical parents, I tried to get rid of the stress with my acqua gym on Monday. I had a very funny morning, because apparently I was like an overcharged battery and one said " I don't dare to touch you I am sure I'll get an electric shock" In fact I could have been used as an electric chair. We had lunch together and I was very much recomforted.

2. My friend Ilona had also done some painting works in her house, so I spend her a visit to admire the new entrance and doors. Ilona has a special vocation she is able to read tarrot cards. Honnestly I never believed in such things and am still quiet suspicious, because I am a rather down to earth person, but so far everything she had read for me had happened. Of course she can't tell the future, only what she reads in the cards. Amazingly the 3 times I had asked her and she had done it for me it all became true. It's just unbelievable. She doesn't like to do it because it costs her a lot of energy and then it's also quiet difficult to tell sad things to people you love when she reads it in the cards. She only does it for friends.

3. My other friend Chantal invited me for her birthday, we had a nice piece of cake and tea and of course a lot to chat. Her 24 year old son was there too and when I narrated my weekend he was laughing so much, that he cried. Trying to take things with humor even if it is rather sad is a kind of self protection and self therapy. If you are able to laugh about yourself, you win half of the battle ! Unfortunately I can't write it here yet, in case the young parents read this and they wouldn't be amused at all ! There is a total lack of humor for the moment. Until my son is back to normal again, I keep it private.

4. In my painting group I started a new painting, for the moment I am in a surrealistic phase, but for more than a blue background I had no time because we started a discussion about our children when they become parents. Some events where so hilarious so that I could write a whole book only about that ! Maybe that would recomfort other future grandparents, who happened to have been parents too. It's quiet a miracle that all these children survived ! One told us that her daughter doesn't speak to her anymore (for the moment at least) because she didn't hold the spoon correctly to feed the 2 year old baby girl.

Roasted Arthur with zucchinis

5. We nearly had our house burning, cat Arthur apparently wanted to roast himself and had switched on the hot plate ! So far it had never happened, he likes to sit on top of the cupboard with the hot plate and now we are worried and try to find a solution. Lately he is very much involved in household things because he also had dialled the n° 666666 on Mr. G's mobile phone ! Does anybody of you have this number ?? We can be happy that he didn't dial the 100 which are the firemen.


  1. Glad you 're cheered up, Gattina. You have cheered me up with your post! Obviously Arthur was cold? Can you turn the hotplate off at the wall switch? You could write a book, I agree! Have a lovely weekend. Jo

  2. Hey Arthur that's my phone no. in Australia. Wait till they get the bill!! Well you could try to blame it on Rosie.

  3. yeh it's our number so it was your cat. How beautiful she is. See you have been busy. I hope the cards read all good things for you

  4. Did your recipe of roasted Arthur with zucchini taste good?.....LOL....

  5. How funny, Gattina! First time parenthood is no joke for the first time parents. I laughed at the spoon incident - one day that young mother will look back in amazement and laugh at how petty she was.
    I'm sure Toby's parents will soon calm down - I hope so, because I'm longing to read your account!!

  6. A friend called me yesterday at the last minute and asked if I wanted to go out for tea. I brushed my hair and put on some lipstick and off I went! Oh it was so nice to get out of the house!

  7. Oh that Arthur, he must have felt cold poor pussy cat :) Glad to hear you are now rested and relaxed.

  8. oh no - what is happening to arthur? getting old and forgetful and clumsy.. hope this is the last of his mini "accidents"

    take care and have a wonderful weekend - hope the sun is shining there like here..

  9. Now we know why a lady here in canada got a 37,000.00 phone bill.
    Parents have to enjoy the child because tense parents make for tense children and then they cry more.

    I guess it still must be cold or your kitty would not be warming himself up so. lol

  10. The cat sounds a busy as JDaniel. Thankfully we don't have a hot plate. He does like to dial the phone though.

  11. That is quite the cat you have. Sounds like he keeps your life exciting. :v)


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