13 Mar 2011


When my three friends and I went to the Carnival in Binche together we entertained the whole train compartment and not even on purpose. We were just discussing amongst other subjects what kind of men were on the market actually for them. (I am the only one still married and start to think that I earn a golden medal for that).

We came to the conclusion that the choice was not very big, or fat or bald or both, there were only very few once well conserved, to make it worthwhile to start cooking, washing and ironing for a men again.

The young men and girls all students in the compartment laughed their heads off and we quickly became very popular. On the streets it wasn't better especially for me because of my orange wig. Young men who saw me from the back tried to carry me with them and to push me into a café to offer me a drink, but then when I turned around and they saw me from the front, they laughed and called me the funniest granny they had ever seen, and wanted to keep me with them as a sort of mascot.

I don't know if it was my laughter and my joking or just the orange wig, but I
came to the conclusion that this French proverb is very true :

"She looks from the backside "lycee" (highschool)
and from the front "musée" (museum)"

This fact made me thoughtful only for a minute because I feel as if I am sitting in the wrong body which doesn't fit with my mind anymore !

But I think this is still better than looking "young" like a caucasian with a stretched facelifted chinese face, feeling old and counting booboos, then having fun and enjoy life with a few wrinkles in the face !

Highschool...................................................... Museum


Mara said...

So, did you find any men in the end that they were willing to start cooking and ironing for again? Mind you, if they find a young one, he could do the work for them! Toyboy!!!

Maude Lynn said...

You look fabulous!

MaR said...

I love it!!! first I heard that saying in German: hintern-Lyceum, vorne-Museum!!

Jo said...

LOL! Gattina! I love you in the orange wig, I love this post and I LOVE the saying. Yes, I love being my age - and enjoy myself to bits every day of my life. Have a great week ahead. (((hugs))) Jo

Linens and Royals said...

I like that French proverb, I haven't heard it before.
You look like one of those Troll dolls that were popular here many years ago in the orange wig.

A Lady's Life said...

You look wonderful and still have a long way to go before they begin calling you granny. Those guys must have been teeny boppers lol

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I must say you have a well proportioned body.

My husband said, after my walk yesterday, I would ahve lost 1 kg. I need many wlks to get a shape like yours.

Vlado&Toni said...

very nice wig indeed! yup you do look like a hot chick in that one (",)

claudie said...

Quelle belle perruque orange! Et bien dis donc vous avez du bien vous amuser!

Pamela said...

love it! I want a green wig and then I want to tag along with you next time