16 Jan 2011


When I was a teenager I liked the song "Water Water everywhere, not a drop to drink". It must have been a song from the 60th. Unfortunately I couldn't find the right one on YouTube, there were many songs with water everywhere, but not the one I wanted.

It's just because wherever I look I am surrounded by water. I look out of my window and I see water on the street, I go shopping there are plenty of puddles on the parking. I look like a kangaroo when I try to reach the entrance to the shops.

This morning I opened the stores and what did I see, a van from the water service standing in front of my neighbor's house. She suddenly had noticed a quiet deep hole, which was suddenly there over night and her basement is full of water too. Fortunately she is the only one in the street who has water in her basement, I mean of course for her it's not really a fortune, as there was no gold bars found in this hole either. They put a string around so that nobody would fall into the hole and only God knows when it will be closed.

The South of Belgium had floods and even only 20 km from Waterloo, the little town Tubize had floods again. I say again, because they had a very big one just one month ago, where people had lost everything and just started to buy new stuff, which is gone now again with the second flood.

On TV I see the floods from here, from Germany and from Queensland in Australia. Of course that's a far bigger scale than our little Belgium, but people suffer the same way.

I can't see water anymore ! I decided not to take baths or showers until we suffer from drought and only drink beer and wine. I became allergic against water, just like my cats, they don't like water either ! That's why Arthur takes only a bath without water.

A "friend" of mine sincerely believes that the end of the world is coming and she is not even a Jehova witness. I told her that I probably will then be so old that I die anyway before.

Meanwhile I still have feet and no flippers and I can still walk over to Dominique without wearing a diver suit. For bathsuits it's far too cold and I still can drive my car and don't need a boat.

As long as I haven't seen a fish swimming besides me when I walk, I will keep my optimism.


Linens and Royals said...

I don't remember the song, but the line is from "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge and is
Water, water, everywhere,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.
My very tough teacher at school made me learn most of this by heart and I can still remember a lot of it.
Good one Arthur, a bath with no water is perfect for a cat.

diane b said...

I remember my mum saying that rhyme to me.
It is annoying isn't it. rain,rain,rain. We have had two days free of rain woohoo!

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

One could never be sure, maybe you should keep a lifejacket and a paddle in the car just to be on the safe side? *giggles*

Over here we have had too much snow instead but today it's suddenly raining, so now we can look forward to the ice that will come when the cold temps are back tomorrow again...

I don't even go out any longer, too risky to slip and with my already bad back it's very dangerous. No, better to stay inside and drink hot chocolate...

Mara said...

It's dry here now. Sunny as well. Hopefully next week will be better than last week. I got so fed up with all that water coming from the sky!

Jo said...

I remember that rhyme from my childhood too, Gattina. I'm glad you are still safe, although cold! Ah, that hole would be left un-mended for years in South Africa! Have a great week ahead. (((hugs))) Jo

Gledwood said...

Someone told me the end of the world was coming and that person wasn't religious either. I said yeah it is.

(Because it is.)

If I remember my Bible correctly it does also say that Jesus will come back to earth and that eventually there will be peace and harmony everywhere and no more pain tears or death or grief, so there you have it!

~SwAmPy~ said...

For something so life sustaining, it can also be so devastating.

Maribeth said...

And now we have snow!