17 Jan 2011


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of January 14. You never know if you need an alibi ! If you participate please put the little logo on the top of your post and leave your link.

It was a rather quiet weekend, with this cold and rainy weather it's not a pleasure to go outside and visit things, I feel like a robot with a low running battery.

On Saturday we had a visit from Mr. G's Ferrari friend, who informed us, that he wanted to buy two new cars, which is not exceptional for him. In the 6 years we know him he had at least changed 7 times his and his wifes car, once he buys them big, then he needs some smaller once so we have known him driving cars from Landrover size to the Mercedes Smart, where you need a shoehorn to get inside. There had also be a Mercedes, a fat BMW and a Harley Davidson which, once he had bought it was to heavy for him to lift it up. The only car he still has since the beginning is his beloved Ferrari. Never mind, some people buy toy cars others real once. That's the boy in a man, with money.

Now he wants to have a very, very small car, because petrol is expensive (during the oil crisis, it was expensive too) and he thinks about buying two little electric cars. I wonder how long this quirk will last, I'll keep you informed.

Between two showers, I also got rid of the Christmas garland which was still shining in our hedge .

Since all Christmas signs are now gone in our home, I also had to change the decoration in the basket at the entrance which I always decorate for the seasons. I made it very colorful to compensate the grey colors outside. Rosie was my supervisor.

I got from two "virtual" friends the link to two companies who can print your blog as a book. I didn't know that this exists and of course had to try one out. It was fortunately only a trial, because when I had choosen the cover color I forgot to also choose a picture for the cover, and the program choose one picture out of my blog and guess what it choose .... the one and only from a Wordless Wednesday, showing a man peeing against a tree ! Imagine this would have been the final book cover to enter in my family history !

Now of course I am very busy to select the posts I want to be in the book, it's quiet a challenge and I am very excited to see the result. But this will not be for tomorrow, as I have more than 1000 posts to sort out.

I also went over to Dominique to explain some things she wanted to do on her computer and she didn't know how and ended up with a cup of tea and the latest news.


Jo said...

Yes, do tell when the "little boy" in a man's body changes the cars again. I love your flower-arrangement supervisor! I've linked to your post. Have a great week. Hugs, Jo

Merle said...

Hi Gattina ~~ I like the story about the rich man and his toy cars. Wonder
how the electric cars will go.
Thank you for your concern about our disasterous floods, especially in
Queensland and it will take a long time to get over the rebuilding etc.
Happily, my relatives and friends are all safe. Sorry it is so cold in Belgium - as you say - misery everywhere. Take care my friend,
Love, Merle.

diane b said...

Love your entry decoration and Rosie of course. I tried one of those print your blog books but I wasn't happy with the preview so I didn't get it printed. I'll try again one day and make some changes, It took a lot of fiddling about.

jabblog said...

Spring is just around the corner. Of course, the corner may go on for a long way ;-)
I've looked at blog printing as well but not done anything about it. I'll be interested to know how you get on.

Gracie said...

My weekend was eventless, I got a form of flu and stayed in bed for almost two days, how does it sound? Bad, uhu?

Mara said...

Love the photo of the man peeing. Especially if it's the cover photo!

I want to make a book of my blogposts, but I want to do them on several subjects. Which is an awful lot of work!! It will not be a job for an afternoon.

Maribeth said...

I am so late in answering and commenting. It has been a day so busy and full of things.
My What I did has been up and looking back, I was busy then too.
Now we prepare for another storm!

A Lady's Life said...

I washed and washed and washed dishes. When people are home that's all they give you to do lol
I packed some boxes to put away
I need to clean my garage and thought to do it today but slept through my son taking the car out, so it was empty.lol I have a van I am truly happy with and since they will be making small cars now this will be a good antique to keep. It should run for 600,000 miles with regular maintenance. But gas is expensive. Now when I see young people leave their trucks running when they go into a store I think....hmmmm All that gas is wasting and it does really waste standing at red lights.

Linens and Royals said...

I love those little smart cars, they look like half a car. Always wanted one and have seen a few here but they are very expensive.
Rosie looks good next to the flowers, she knows when to grab a photo opportunity.

Pamela said...

tell that rich fellow to buy me a new car, too.

My mechanic said that it would cost more than the car is worth to fix mine. Then he said.."just drive it until it dies"