9 Nov 2010


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This was my world not even two weeks ago, looking out of the window

Now my world looks like this when I look through the window.

Our garden has gotten some colors during the time I was away,

and the neighborhood too

Ever since it has also rained at least once a day and I had to dig out my winter clothes !


Gledwood said...

What a beautiful red tree next to the house... is that your house? It looks v English.

What do you think of my Susan Boyle song, You'll See? I'm Susan Boyle's number one fan now. I hadn't heard her music, except on Britain's Got Talent. It's pretty good, especially for old people. And I'm old now!

The Chair Speaks said...

We love that little balcony of your hotel room.

Anonymous said...

Lovely autumn colours!

Here we have had minus 11 C, snow and lots of frost! Brrr...

Nessa said...

Beautiful colors. Your whole neighborhood is beautiful.

indicaspecies said...

Both worlds are charming in their own way, right?

diane b said...

I agree with the last comment. Both are beautiful maybe without the rain would be more pleasant.

Maribeth said...

I'm wearing my winter clothes as well. It's been pretty cold, very wet and windy. Yuck!

Sylvia K said...

I love that little balcony of your hotel room, too! You do have a lovely neighborhood and such beautiful autumn colors, Gattina. And rain? Yep, here, too!! Gray? Yes, here, too!! Hope you have a great week, stay warm and dry!!


Loree said...

Oh well, your world is beautiful too. The trees look so beautiful in their autumn flowers.

TorAa said...

Yeah, this time of year climate change quickly and on top of that:

I've had a Cold for more than a week.
Bloging and work has been a sweet dream from bed. Only thoughts, no actions.

Felicia seems to be pregnant. Must have happened the last weekend in summerhouse.
Not very well planned, as we are going to visit Ingelin and grandson and hubby in Frankfurt (The have moved from Düsseldorf) next weekend - then we are going to Texas early december. While our regular cat-sitter will be in Istanbul half the time... But we fix.

Here we have snow falling just now. No more autumn colours. Just nature mort.

Wondeful Photos from your area.

Vlado&Toni said...

hello gattina - just visiting and updated myself on your blog - haven't done much blogging the last few weeks..

your holiday pictures look good - perfect weather indeed compared to the wet and grey weather we are having at the moment :( too bad the holiday has to end.. i think one thing really frustrating to coming home is the bad weather after enjoying a real good one!