2 May 2010


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Once a year during April/May, the Royal Palace in Brussels opens its Greenhouses to the public The total floor surface of this immense complex is 2.5 hectares (270,000 square feet). 800,000 liters (over 200,000 US gallons) of fuel oil are needed each year to heat the buildings.

Being an optimist, I went there on a first of May, a bank holiday, where nobody works and everybody is underway when the weather is nice.

and these are my weekly winners :

The first Kings of Belgium were really handsome men. I told myself that this fact got lost in the last two generations. Sad.

the entrance

the grid of the huge gate

with lions sitting on the top

A lemon tree, very unusual for Belgium

When I saw the long line of people waiting to get into the Greenhouses, I lost my courage to admire flowers and preferred to take photos from the park and the castle from outside !

a small part of the Greenhouse

and amazing trees in the park

More about the park and Palace on Tuesday in "My World"


Gledwood said...

Wow, that's pretty amazing for a conservatory... and I thought the Belgian Royals pedalled around on secondhand bicycles..(!)

claudie said...

Beautiful pictures, Gattina! You have such marvelous royal monuments in Brussels! And les arbres si majestueux! Aujourd'hui j'ai fait une petite marche dans la colline et pris les fleurs sauvages en photo! ce sera pour mon prochain post en fin de semaine! En chemin j'ai rencontré la directrice du foyer des anciens d'Ollioules avec sa petite fille et on a taillé la discute! (on a bavardé)! Elle m'a raconté qu'elle n'a pas pu nous recevoir en décembre pour chanter avec les élèves car les locaux avaient été réquisitionnés pour la vaccination h1n1!!! Là encore les politiques ont fait fort!

Jientje said...

I don't think I would have had the patience to stand in line either!

Puss-in-Boots said...

I want one of those lion statues. It would look good sitting at my front door...

Why is it unusual to have lemon trees growing in Belgium? Is it because it's too cold or something?

I'd love to visit those greenhouses...I've never seen a queue to get into one, though. Like you, I'd give it a miss, too.

Jingle said...


your place
is full of grace!