11 Apr 2010


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Yesterday I showed the Abbey of Villers la Ville, (I wrote about it here) to my son and DIL. The Abbey dates from 1146 and today there are only the ruins which remain.

The entrance to the prison


  1. Love this set! The old architecture is wonderful. So many great photos.

  2. This looks like the most awesome place to visit! I added it to my list of things to see this Summer! Great pictures Gattina!

  3. Beautiful photos of the ruins. So pretty and interesting.

  4. Must be something very nice to visit! I don't think the new buildings will resist in the future centuries like this one!
    Maintenant chaque fois qu'ils construisent un batiment quelques mois après ça se fissure!

  5. I love old ruins. What a wonderful place to visit!

  6. I messed up on the link. Must have been sleepy! Thanks for visiting the new blog.
    So this is your son and daughter-inlaw.
    Wonderful! He is very tall!
    I did get your note, but life has been a bit crazy. I will write again this afternoon.

  7. Beautiful photos! Such an interesting place!

  8. Oh, I bet they enjoyed that!

    I don't know if I had no idea Dario was so tall... or Mariken was so short! I think I did know Dario is tall... so I think I thought Mariken was tall too. She is very petite! They are a cute couple!

  9. Look at that history! Wonderful old ruins...I love them.

    Either your son is extremely tall or Mariken is very petite...


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