16 Apr 2010


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This year mother nature is really very late. Green leaves are just starting to come out, but flowerwise there is not very much yet.

To decorate our long entrance a little bit, I bought a few little ceramic cats and put fake pensies in the pots to make it a little more colorful.

From far you don't see that it's fake, I am waiting for petunias to plant ! Arthur sitting on the little wall watched over my garden work !


  1. Very nice. You should have bought a mouse to torment Arthur. LOL

  2. I couldn't resist your flowers and dropped by
    How is the volcano ash problem out your way??
    Seems every one is grounded.lol

  3. Very beautiful entrance even without flowers. And those cats are so you :)

  4. Oh my gosh, Gattina, this is an adorable walkway!!!

    My New Doll -my Show n Tell. I would really enjoy your company if you can drop by to visit me. Hope you're having a terrific Friday!!!

  5. This is lovely. And there is dear Arthur too!

  6. Arthur is a beautiful white flower in your garden! You did a great job decorating your entrance! I just finish my report about the Toulon's Museum! now I will do my administrativ papers!!! You see I prefer my blog and after my papers!!!

  7. What an adorable and welcoming walkway. I used to have a artificial plants business. I adore them! hugs, shakira


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