30 Apr 2010


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Since a few days we have very unusual warm weather here in Belgium it's around 30°C (86 F). Normally for end of April it should be half of the temperature. But I don't complain, far from that, I feel like a fish in the water ! Maybe the heat is due to our overheated politicians who started again their language war, french or flemish and the population is so fat up of these clowns !

Of course when it is so nice outside I can't stay in my room, so I moved my "office" in our garden where I enjoy the warmth on my old bones and watch birds and butterflies.

Here is my little Blogging corner, the umbrella helps to darken so I can better see the screen.
Rosie watches over me, I don't need the heating lamp which stands behind my chair.

For Christmas I got this cat from my son which I can lighten when it becomes dark.

For me this wonderful weather could last the whole year !


A Lady's Life said...

Watching the news gives me a head ache. But you still need to know what is going on unfortunately. lol
Sometimes we know more than we should.

MaR said...

I love that neon cat!! enjoy the weathere while it lasts.

diane b said...

if you like 30C every day you should live in Queensland. I love that Rosie has a chair too.

Tinsie said...

30C sounds fab! Enjoy :-)

Maribeth said...

Oh I love the cat! And how I wish it was warm enough for me to go outside and sit and blog!

Hootin' Anni said...

Love your kitty light gift. And I read about the Language situation in Belgium and thought about you.

Yes, that IS warm for this time of year in your area of the world.

My show n tell is my "BLUE IRIS". I do hope you can find time to stop by and view the beauty!!

Melli said...

I love your little "summer setup" - especially the umbrella to keep the screen viewable! LOL! We need a picture of that cat lit up at night! :)

We are enjoying warm weather today too! It has been CHILLY the last 4 or 5 days!

Loree said...

Great place for blogging. Enjoy the sunshine.

Pamela said...

now that is a classy cat for lighting up your life. aristocat!

claudie said...

Oui, le beau temps ça donne le moral! Ha! Les politiques recommencent leur chanson! Décidément que ce soit en Belgique ou en France ils nous font tourner en bourique!!!

Jingle said...


Meme participation award
Happy Sunday!