5 Apr 2010

FUN MONDAY -umbrellas

Once again it was raining and when I looked out of the window I saw my neighbour with an hidious looking black umbrella going to her mail box. This event gave me the idea for Fun Monday. But I didn't count with myself. When I looked for umbrellas to make pictures I only found two !

They were standing in the garage, full of dust, and when I opened them I had some cobwebs in my face and a dead spider falling to the floor. I don't remember when I used these enormous things the last time.

This one I use in summer when I "work" on the terrace to make a screen against the light. Rosie likes it as tent. But all the others, I am sure I had at least 3 had disappeared. I am permanently in war with umbrellas. I always buy small once you can fold and put in your purse.

like this one. Only I would never spend 30 € for an umbrella. I must have forgotten them somewhere as usual. That's why I buy cheap once for 3 € because I never know how long they will be in my possession. Usually I don't take an umbrella, I always try to buy a coat or a jacket with a hood, or I wear my berets.

I remember that in my youth we girls loved to use these transparent umbrellas, they were very in fashion !

Note : Next week's host is Janice from the Prytz family

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Pamela said...

as always - you have such a great variety of ideas.

I've been working on a project and nearly forgot about it being Monday.

My granddaughters love to have matching umbrellas, boots, coats. I wish I had thought to take some photos of them in their lovely gear.

Ann said...

sorry, mine is also a boring black one which is stuck in my glove compartment. Luckily I don't have to use a lot.

Anonymous said...

Wow I have never seen so many different colored umbrellas. In your neck of the woods I'm sure they come in real handy. I love the story about the spider. Did you scream and run away? LOL Excellent my friend.

diane said...

we are always losing them too. I like the small fold up ONES for travelling but we have great big ONES in the car but they were all free ONES Bill collected from different clients he had when he was working.

joangee said...

You have even more than me! Most of mine are the small fold-up ones that are easy to carry.
I find the long umbrellas difficult to cope with and am always thinking I'll lose them.
At least the small ones fit in a handbag or raincoat pocket.
Thank you for setting such a lovely 'task'.

Melli said...

IF I use an umbrella, I am never in possession of it for long EITHER! So it really does me NO good to buy them at all! BUT ... I LOVE your old dusty umbrellas - because they have the old fashioned U handle - that really ALL umbrellas SHOULD have - because they are umbrellas! LOL! So you get points for HANDLES! :)

I put up an umbrella JUST FOR YOU today! :)

Loree said...

I don't really use umbrellas mcuh. I tend to lose them too.

min said...

I remember those clear ones. Ours were bubble shaped and fit right down on top of you. They look so crazy now.

Swampy said...

Your Mon Funday idea was not only fun to read about, it has motivated me to round up all our umbrellas...AnodeMan seems to buy one everytime it rains. When it rains here, the wind is usually blowing, too, which makes it rather difficult to manage an umbrella. I usually just run and I haven't melted yet.

From Tracie said...

What a fun idea. I never use an umbrella, I find I get less wet if I just make a dash inside from the car than if I wrestle with the umbrella. It drives my husband crazy.

claudie said...

C'est la fête aux parapluie!!!
On en a acheté deux la dernière fois pour 3 euros pièce je crois sur le marché!!! Ici avec le mistral ils ne durent pas longtemps!

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Oh, I love that a spider fell out! *giggles*

...and those transparent ones!!!