26 Feb 2010


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Since I came back from my 2 weeks sunshine vacation in Egypt end November, the weather had been awful here. Just a weather to hang yourself. Rain, cold, colder, coldest snow, glaze etc, and it is still not finished which makes now 4 months ! The days where it was nice and the sun was shining I can probably count on my fingers. To keep me in a good mood and avoid to look outside I created a little "happiness corner" which when I look at it makes me feel good, creative and happy for the day.

and here it is.

Cats, a laughing Buddha with happy kids climbing over him who is very kitsch but makes me laugh, fake sunflowers, a yellow cat candle, a little fountain which is supposed to be "Feng Shui "(whatever that is, but very in fashion nowadays) and a special lamp which is made for light therapy. It was created in the Scandinavian countries where daylight in winter lasts sometimes only two or three hours and makes people depressive.

Here are the little things in detail. I had to switch off the pump of the fountain, because the noise got on my nerves. Now it sits there without running water.

besides the dresser which contains linen and jewlery is a posh cat hanging at the lamp.

very posh !

the lamp has several colors which you can set following your needs or mood. From night club red light to sunny spring days, the lamp does everything !

I don't remember what I wanted here.

This way I made it through winter and am looking forward to spring now. It's nice to be retired and a little crazy, but only a little. Now it is allowed, for years I had to be serious !


Loree said...

I love your cats Gattina. At leats there are advantages to growing old. I can't wait to act just a bit crazy :) Have a good weekend.

Apron Senorita said...

Very nice to meet you. My ex-husband is German-Italian. My kids and I live in central Texas where they get to experience their German heritage. They are more familiar with the Italian heritage but enjoy both as much.

I love the Posh Cat, just hanging around. Totally beautiful combination in your display. I studied Buddhism in a college course, and learned to admire the it.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Yoli :)

Anonymous said...

The Cat Woman of Waterloo...LOL Love all these pictures. Love the story that goes with all the pictures :)

diane b said...

What a good idea...A Happy Corner. Stay happy wont be long before spring.

Bloodhound said...

Hi there! Just popped by to say hello. Loved the idea of a happy corner.
Spring is not far away now. Hang in there!

The Chair Speaks said...

Love your Happy Corner!

Maribeth said...

Love your cats, Gattina! I should take pictures of my dackels!

Tracie Nall said...

I love the posh cat and I love the lamp! Cute stuff!!

Ms. Bake-it said...

My grandmother would have loved your cat collection! I almost did a S&T post today on the ones I received from her collection when she passed away. I love the posh cat! Too cute. I like the idea of a happy corner.

~ Tracy

Melli said...

Ohhhhhh you and me both! This has honestly been the longest winter of my life!

That IS a very happy little table you have going though! With your laughing Buddha, your LOVING cats, and your QUIET fountain! LOL! THAT one cracks me up! I LOVE the sound of water in a fountain! The one the kids got me got all clogged up because we have such "hard" water... no more fountains for me!