27 Feb 2010


Since Global Warming had been invented the winters suddently became very cold with a lot of snow or rain. After a few years, people started to doubt about the "Global Warming" which should better be named "Global Cooling". Even the politicians began to believe that there must be something wrong when they met in Copenhagen. What did they do ? They changed "Global Warming" into "Climate Change", which sounds far better and excuses everything. If it is unusually cold somewhere or too hot, or too much rain, inondations, earthquakes etc the explanations now sounds much better ... the clima changes !

Clima changes or not, yesterday was an awful day in Brussels, where cats and dogs dropped from heaven and I was afraid that they could fall on my head. So I decided to stay home the whole day, I also feared that my feet would change into flippers. Humans too have to adapt themselves to the clima too. That's why in Africa people are black because of the strong sun and in Scandinavia blond and white maybe not because of the snow, but less sun. So why in Belgium we shouldn't have flippers instead of feet which would be far more practical in all this water.

After my blogging hours, I looked into a French magazine online, because they always have interesting things to show. This time I found pictures and they made me laugh !
Here they are !

Entrance of a Post Office in Prague

Choir in Bretagne (Brittany)


for snails only

toilet in Bosnia


The Chair Speaks said...

Snail sign is interesting but I love that toilet!

wenn said...

haha, interesting pics!

Anonymous said...

LOL. I love the choir. LOL Too funny :)

diane b said...

We too are having lots of rain but it is warm and I love it for the garden. It is cooling us down a little.

Callie Brady said...

That toilet is a little drafty! LOL

It is raining cats and dogs here too or sometimes I say, "it is raining buckets!"

Staying inside, dry, warm, with a hot drink and a good book sounds like a very good plan for the day. Enjoy!

Jeanette said...

Gday Gattina, I forgot how long it is since it rained cats and dogs here..maybe we get it this winter.
hahaha. to all your pics You would sure get a cold butt on that draughty outdoor loo.

Nicolanondoc said...

Eccomi per il fine settimana :-)
Complimenti e ciao Gattina :-)

Maribeth said...

Love the snail picture the best. But they are all great!!! You are right. I like Google Reader. Now I never miss a post!

Melli said...

I thought God discovered climate change millions of years ago! I don't know why the government thinks they have a new monopoly on it!

I wonder if you're allowed to take MAIL into that post office!