3 Dec 2009

THURSDAY THIRTEEN - Christmas Harmony

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On Christmas usually families get together and therefore Ma and Pa are arriving in your home in order to celebrate a nice and harmonious Christmas.

When they arrive :

1. Ma looks around and asks "when have you dusted the last time ?" and Pa asks, "why are the coats all hanging here, don't you have a wardrobe and all these shoes laying around ! At my time we had to put our shoes in a shoe cabinet !"

2. Ma says "where is your son, is he gone again ?" (pointing out "again" as if he would live in the street) and Pa adds "at least when we are arriving he should be at home, the car is full of gifts !

3. Then they start to argue about where to put the wrapped gifts. Each family member has a space under the tree. Pa wants to be on the right side, Ma too, child on all places and you look hopeless for help to the ceiling.

4. Pa says " you bought an old tree" and Ma adds " it's loosing its needles already !" and "why didn't you take the golden decoration from last year instead of this new ugly red one ?"

5. Looking at the gifts which finally found a place under the Christmas tree child says "what ? is that all ?"

6. Grandpa states " the children of today want always more ! at my time (when was his time ???) we were happy with a few oranges and a wooden horse.

8. Child said : "Pff, wooden horse, I prefer a real one ! and oranges I eat the whole year long !"

9. Pa said " then be good at school and find a good job and then you can buy yourself a horse !" and with a disdainful look to the parents adds " they cannot afford it"

10. Ma in the kitchen, looked at the turkey : "isn't it a bit small ?" and Pa : "how big is it ?" Daughter says "xxx" kgs/lbs Ma "what ??? that's too big !!!" Pa said, "I don't want to eat turkey for a whole week, (a whole week ??? Help !)

11. Ma : "I'll prepare the turkey, yours was not good last year !" Pa said "No, she has to do it, after all we are the guests, and she does it better than you" ! Ma runs crying out of the kitchen. Pa said "she is hysterical".

12. Daughter runs behind "Please come back, you can do it" After a niagara fall of tears, she finally comes back.

13. Pa shouts "every year the same fights, I wonder why we are coming here with a car full of gifts ! Nothing is normal in this household !" (I just wondered what is "normal" ?)

Pa : "and the cat sits on the table, that's disgusting !"

And so was my Christmas for many years. Dramatical, but I survived !


Loree said...

Ah yes, the Christmas spirit ... LOL

Shionge said...

Hey this is so funny and cracked me up during this festive period....I hope there will be no fight..no fight at all :D

Anonymous said...

You just kill me with some of the things you post. I love this. Too funny :)

Melli said...

OH LOL! I'm so glad my Christmas has NEVER been this bad! MY mother though - every year would see me and the first words out of her mouth were ... "oh Mary Clare! You really need to lose some weight!" Thank you mother... I didn't know that!

i beati said...

sounds like my home thru the years Beautiful picture

Calico Crazy said...

Okay I laughed my way through that little Christmas gem. It's no wonder I have liked my tiny little 3 person Christmases the last few years. ~ Calico Contemplations

Mia Celeste said...

LOL, my cat likes to sit on the table too. :)

storyteller said...

Hmmm ... brings back mem'ries of Christmases past for sure ;-)

I've shared T-13s at Happily Retired Gal and Sacred Ruminations this week ... just because.
Hugs and blessings,

Alice Audrey said...

Sometimes it's amazing that we still manage to love our families.

Hootin' Anni said...

You betcha...our cats sit on the table all the time!!!

Thanks for stopping by today....return for a visit, anytime. Have a glorious Thursday.

Amanda Moore said...

cute little story Gattina thanks for sharing it.