10 Jul 2009


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Wednesday was my birthday so I have to show you the gifts I got. We had already celebrated with our friends in Italy so we didn't do anything special this day. And here they are :


From my son I got a wall clock, now hanging over the door in our living room,


from Mr. Gattino this big wooden cat, which now stands in the entry hall.


a hand painted little cat from my friend in Italy


a white ceramic cat from another


and two little magnetic cat

And I am sure there are still some more to come ! I think I am a very easy person to choose a gift for.


Anne Fannie said...

Hi Gattina
Look at all those cute kitties you got for your birthday! Hope it was a great one!

Vlado&Toni said...

lovely cat gifts :) have you done an inventory how many cat things you have in the house? i'm sure you have a lot :) but you are right, it's not hard to look for a gift that you would like ...

Gee said...

Hi Gattina.

Happy belated birthday. Love your gifts very much coz I love cats too.

Tinsie said...

Happy belated birthday! These are lovely presents you got :-)

Lifecruiser said...

All cats are cute, but I must admit that the big wooden cat is my favorite! Awesome!

claudie said...

A world of cats everywhere! I think my Patouf who is near me at the computer like this!
Beach with Anaïs this afternoon, this is our plan! After we'll go to lidl and see the last interesting things they received!
Kalle is arrived at his home after a night and a day at the airport of London as he couldn't meet his friend who's the pig flue!!!

Hootin' Anni said...

I love the huge wooden one from Mr. Gattino. Super.

I didn't realize it was your birthday...I missed it. So, I'll send along my belated happy birthday wishes.

My Show n Tell is posted if you'd like to stop by. Have a lovely weekend.

PS...been meaning to tell you I like your new avatar photo [profile photo]

Melli said...

Indeeeeeeed you ARE!!! I LOVE that cat Mr. Gattino got you! And the two little magnetic cats too! How cute! You HAVE been well celebrated!

Maribeth said...


Briana said...

So cute! I love the black kitty.

Leann said...

Well Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!!

What great gifts and I'm a cat lover too!

Enjoy your day!

Dr.John said...

As long as they make things that look like cats there are indeed gifts for you. Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Those are all so cute. Must have made your day real special. Aloha

Puss-in-Boots said...

hahaha...I can relate to that, I get cats from people as gifts, too. Those are lovely, I love the big one Mr Gattino got you.

Puss-in-Boots said...

PS: Sorry, I meant to wish you a belated happy birthday.

diane said...

Meow!I love the one Mr G gave you.